Dan Balan

Dan Mihai Balan ( romanian Dan Mihai Bălan; race. February 6, 1979 , Chisinau) – Moldovan musician, songwriter and producer , former singer of the band O-Zone.

Dan Balan was born on February 6, 1979 in Chisinau , capital of Moldova in the family of Ambassador Mihai Balan and presenter Ludmila Balan [1]. At an early age mastered the accordion, finished music school .

At the age of 14-15 years playing in bands and Pantheon Inferialis style gothic doom metal. After the collapse of 1998 in Inferialis recorded solo song «De La Mine» ( rus from me) in 1999 along with former partner Peter Zhelikhovsky created a group O-Zone. The album was released Dar, Unde Eşti … ( Rus But where are you … ) , which was a huge success.

In 2001, Dan Balan reformed O-Zone, taking to himself Arseny and Radu Sirbu Toderas . In 2002, the group signed a contract with the record company and the Romanian released album Number 1 (Russian No. 1) . Songs «Numai Tu» ( rus Only you ) and «Despre Tine» ( rus About You ) steel in Moldova and Romania hits. This was followed by the album DiscO-Zone ( Rus disco zones) with a worldwide hit «Dragostea Din Tei» ( rus First love or rus.Lyubov in limes ) . It is this song and the album brought the band unprecedented fame . In the chart European Hot 100 Singles song held the first place for 12 weeks and sold worldwide circulation of 12 million .

At the beginning of 2005 the group O-Zone ceased to exist , members pursued solo projects. Dan has created a pop-rock band called Balan and performed songs «Sugar Tunes Numa Numa» ( rock processing «Dragostea Din Tei») and “17” . In parallel, under the pseudonym Crazy Loop recorded the album The Power of Shower ( Rus Energy soul) , the output of which was held on 1 December 2007.

December 1, 2009 in Chisinau took place the presentation of the new album called Crazy Loop Mix. The album’s title because it connected the results of the singer under the pseudonym Crazy Loop and under his own name (actually listed as the album artist Dan Balan).

In February 2010, released the single «Chica Bomb», which took first place in the charts . July 31, 2010 in Moscow, Dan introduced a new song «Justify SEX», which topped the official chart of Russia. October 29, 2010 on radio station Love Radio premiere of the song together with Dana Vera Brezhnev ” Petals of Tears” , the song also topped the official chart of Russia, becoming the third of three singles Dana, which peaked at 1 line. As the song «Chica Bomb» in 2010 became the winner in the ” Foreign single, male vocals ” ( 511 thousand repetitions in the air ) and took second place in the final chart Top 800 for 2010.

April 14, 2011 on Radio Energy sounded song «Freedom» and immediately found itself in hot Thirty . June 27, 2011 the world premiere of the video for this song .



Dar, Unde Eşti … (1999, comprising O-Zone)
Number 1 (2002 , comprising O-Zone)
DiscO-Zone ( 2004 , as part of O-Zone)
The Power of Shower ( 2006 , under the pseudonym Crazy Loop)
Crazy Loop MixMego ( 2009 )
Freedom, Pt. 1 (2012 )


«Ma Ya Hi» ( duet with Lucas Prata)
«Crazy Loop (Mm Ma Ma)» ( under the pseudonym Crazy Loop)
«Johanna (Shut Up!)» ( Under the pseudonym Crazy Loop)

Under the name Dan Balan

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