Franky – Russian music group , not so long ago appeared on the stage. The group has already started touring Russian cities , but in small quantities . Several compositions of group Franky used as the soundtrack for the youth series ” School Closed “.

Group was recruited in mid-2011 , from the onset of the thought of creating your project, from the present soloists – Taras Demchuk and Denis Khrushchev. In just two years of existence, the team, Franky won many music fans, and brought the band to track Hysteria first position in the radio and TV charts.

In 2013, the band was nominated for the first , real premium Music Box, in the category “Best promotion” , but in this category won Heroes ( group).

April 22, 2013 Franky made ​​on the same stage with the legendary Sunrise Avenue.

Now the music is practically no traditional rap / hip-hop and , especially guitar rock crystal without impurities. And it is quite logical because pure subculture there a very short time . You may not like rap and rock separately , but together they can make a very lethal cocktail.

FRANKY – direct and striking confirmation of these words. Nowadays much more catchy hard recitative of heavy melodic guitars and gashes on turntables than the monotonous roar or just tuned avtotyunom , plastic singing.

FRANKY – curious sound body , which consists of people evaluating music solely by the amount of drive, which it has . It does not matter , it’s mainstream or so-called ” antimerkantilnoe creativity .” The main advantage of this organism is that all that it produces – as honestly , efficiently, and emotionally drayvovo .

Talented composer and music producer . Songs written by him successfully perform Russian and Ukrainian star very different magnitude. His voice and music can be heard in several top Jingle metropolitan stations ( Europa Plus Radio 7 , etc.) . Musical Landmarks Taras – American and British rock icons the 80s and early 90s . Home passion : electric guitar and making music .

Dan contrary, prefers old-school funk, groove and ” warm ” sound motaunovskoe . By the way, all that is associated with the sound he was doing 16 years. That is, almost half life. Plus, as a hobby , he writes the lyrics , not only for the songs FRANKY, but also for many famous domestic artists. In his spare time he enjoys the rest of the video production .

Currently [FRANKY] create all your stuff exclusively DIY (Do It Yourself). This is another proof that the issue in the light of honest and quality music is quite possible , regardless of whether investors , labels , record companies and other mainstream paraphernalia.

2013 – Hysteria


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