Inna Malikova

Malikov Inna ( January 1, 1977 , Moscow) – singer, actress , television personality, producer and soloist of the group ” New Gems .”

Malikov Inna was born January 1, 1977 in Moscow. Parents: Father – Yuri F. Malikov – musician, composer , founder and leader of the band ” Gems .” Mother – Convolvulaceae Lyudmila , a former dancer, soloist of the Moscow Music Hall , now – concert band director Dmitry Malikov .

Job training in the beginning of the famous Inna Merzlyakovsky music school at the Conservatory: piano . In the fifth grade Inna moved from the district in the usual musical- choreographic school № 1113 on Tverskaya Street , where I studied many future “stars” – Nikolai Baskov , girls from ” High School” and many others.

In 1993, Inna recorded his first song, ” The celebration of the summer “, which gave her brother Dmitry on the 16th anniversary . With this song Inna participates in such television projects as the “Morning Star” and “Under the Sign of the Zodiac .” At the same time Inna intensively engaged in learning and creativity. New songs recorded with the composer Oleg Molchanov and other authors , a music video for the song ” I do not want to be serious “, ” Who was right? “. It is this song became the title on the debut album , which the singer and called – ” Who was right? “.
After high school, she studied for a while Inna on conducting and choral music school office , and studied singing in the pop-jazz from the famous school teacher Vladimir Khristoforovich Khachaturova . However, soon entered the pop department GITISa .

2002 marked the beginning of a new stage in a creative way : The singer began to cooperate with the agency Liz-media Group, creates his own team and finds composers such as Eugene Kuritsin Paul Yesenia , Sergei Nizovtsev . Begins work on a new album . Winter 2003 clip goes by Oleg Gusev for the song ” All that was ” some time later George Toidze makes a video for the song ” Coffee and Chocolate .”

Since 2004, Inna is the face of Swiss watch company MILUS.

In 2006 – the release of their second album Inna Malikova “Coffee and Chocolate .”

In 2006, theatrical agency ” Lecourt ” presents the premiere of ” Divorce in the Moscow “, where one of the main roles debuted Inna Malikov.

In 2006 – in honor of the 35th anniversary of the legendary band ” Gems “, Yuriy and Inna Malikov create a new musical project «NEW Gems .” The ensemble consists of young but already well-known talented artists : Party musicals Notre Dame de Paris , and “Romeo and Juliet” Postolenko Alexander , daughter of singer ” Belarusian Pesniary ” Ian Dayneko , winner of “American Idol ” -5 Mikhail Veselov and singer, actress and head Inna team Malikov.

In 2008, the premiere of “Die Fledermaus” , where Inna played the role of the maid Adele.

In 2009, a group of «NEW Gems ” released his first album , called ” Inna Malikova & Gems NEW».

In 2010, Inna Malikova with Dmitriy Kharatyan become the leading program ” Good Evening, Moscow ! ” Channel “TV Center” .

Merzlyakovsky School of Music (violin and piano ) .
Musical and choreographic school № 1113 .
School of Music ( conducting and choral department )

2000 – ” Who was right ”
2006 – “Coffee and Chocolate”
2009 – ” Inna Malikova & Gems New»

1996 – “I do not want to be serious ”
1999 – ” Who was right ”
2003 – ” All that was ”
2005 – “Coffee and Chocolate”
2012 – “Remember Modern Talking»
2012 – “The heart is not a stone ”


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