Lapis Troubetzkoy

The group was formed in September 1989 and gave its first performance at the festival ” spectra Kohler ” in Minsk . Leader from the beginning was the student of the Belarusian Institute of Culture Sergey Mikhalok . Other participants were the first of a bass guitarist Dmitry Sviridovich , guitarist and drummer Ruslan Master Alex Lubavin .

Participants came together for the most part live. Transition group to the “real ” occurred after the first serious band performing at the “Festival of music minorities” in the teacher’s home in Minsk. Since then, the musicians began to meet regularly and rehearse .

The next stage in the history of ” Liapis Trubetskoy ” was the meeting with the future director Yevgeny Kolmykova team in 1994. For the very first recital he offered musicians fee – the beer in a cafe show “Time” in DC Minsk Tractor Plant. Around this time, and held the first round of the group in the republic ( by bus) under «Next Stop New Life», in which viewers submitted jointly with the theater ” Bamboo ” ( director – Sergey Mikhalok ) rock opera ” The conquest of space.”

Then in 1994, the group ” Liapis Trubetskoy ” summer participated in the festival “KG . Angry festival “held in Minsk Sports Palace with the participation of Russian groups ” ddt “,” Two aircraft “,” Chufella Marzufella “and others. A little later, the musicians were invented by artist Vasily Pochitskim festival ” Unknown movie Gagarin “, where he also played ” Zartipo ” and ” Hlamkin travels to Israel.” The success of the concert brought the idea of ​​the cassette release . As a result, the recording was made appearances in ” alternative theater ” during the ” Rock – subscription “, which appeared under the title “Love kapets ! ” ( Not to be confused with the collection in 1998 ) . The first edition was about 100 pieces of which were sold only twenty (later , in the wake of the success of the album ” rennet heart” , it was republished ) . In 1995, each doing their own thing : Eugene Kolmykov worked in association ” Club Style” , Sergey Mikhalok oversaw the club ” Addis Ababa ” and directed the theater ” Bamboo ” ( all the actors – men, by analogy with the Japanese theater ” Kabuki “). By that time, in addition to the group were Michalka Ruslan Master (guitar) , Alex Lubavin (drums) and Valery Bashkov (bass) .

Everything changed in 1996 after a concert at the Palace of chess and checkers. It was there that they were noticed by Evgeny Kravtsov of ” Kompleksbank ” and offered to record in the studio «Mezzo Forte». Team effort Yegor Dryndin (trumpet) , Vitaliy Drozdov (violin, vocals) , Paul Kuzyukovich (French horn ) and Alexander Rolov (guitar) . The result was the album ” rennet heart” officially submitted on 21 June 1996 rock festival ” Kupalle h” Belaruskaya maladzezhnay ” ” Gorky Park in Minsk . Hit speech was not included in the album song ” Lu -ka- shen – ko” to the tune of music from the film ” The Adventures of Pinocchio .” On the first day of sales all 200 cassettes imported from a dispersed.

During the year, held on October 4 in DC Unions launch of a new program group ” Smyarotnae vyaselle ” the audience in the packed to capacity hall was as much and left on the street. Sales of ” rennet heart” , according to various estimates ( all cassettes published by anyone, and the exact number nobody knows ) ranged from 20 to 30 thousand copies.

By the end of the year began to show signs of that of a large army conquered fans began to appear more and more of those who disappointed in the ” Lapis “, which contributed to a lot of hype around the musicians. At first it was not so noticeable , because the flow of new fans continued to overlap the ” departed ” old , but gradually the situation changed. Press from all-loving turned into vsenenavidyaschuyu except now defunct magazine ” Ears “, the most direct relation to which Eugene had Kolmykov .

Nevertheless , the apotheosis takeoff was the third ceremony of Belarusian music awards “Rock- coronation -96 .” ” Liapis Trubetskoy ” got three awards out of four . “Best songwriter of the year” ( award shared with Casey Kamotskaya of Belarusian band “Nova sky “), ” Album of the Year ” and “Best Band of the Year ” ( the so-called “Big Crown” , which meant ” Lapis Troubetzkoy ” now – ” rock king ” ) .

” Lapis Troubetzkoy ” disappears for a year. Created (not only in itself , but also the media ) impression that Mikhalok scribbled and end group . Not saved and release of ” compensation ” concert recording with a presentation of the program ” Smyarotnae vyaselle .”

In 1996 Vasily Shugalei took the tape group in Moscow, where she sparked the interest of ” Tone Studios Union” (a branch of the “Union” , which deals with the preparation of projects for sale to other businesses ) . Recorded the album ” You threw ” a half old and half new songs , which in 1997 ” falls on the shelf” due to the fact that the ” Liapis Trubetskoy ” began to fight several Moscow companies. On top of all , a group led policy without trying to sell to anybody , and the program comes out only in early 1998. During his recording of the band go Oleg Drozdov Lado and Vitaly . First , first as a session musician replaces Valery Bashkov ( recorded with him for a few songs , “You threw “), but later returned to the bass guitarist of the first composition Dmitry Sviridovich . In place Drozdov comes second vocalist Paul Bulatnikov (former member of the Minsk duet ” High School” ) . At the end of the year directorial tandem «Bolek & Lolek» removed The first ever video clip – ” Ay .” This clip is made from processed on a computer ” zenitovskih ” Lyapises photos , as well as with the use of clay animation . This clip was first presented to the public a new member – Paul Bulatnikova .

Album Cover “You threw “, 1998
“You threw ” group brings success in Russia and CIS countries. Contribute a lot to this continuous touring musicians. In spring 1998, ” Liapis Trubetskoy ” makes the first year and a half touring in Belarus, which were a great success . Significantly increased level of skill musicians collective success in Russia and new songs rehabilitated ” Lyapises ” at home . In late 1998, released an album of remixes of songs the group ” Lyapisdens ” to establish that the musicians themselves are irrelevant , and in August at the initiative of the “Union” and Evgeny Kravtsov was released a collection of ” archival ” records the group “Love kapets archival records .” Russia hit on radio stations becomes recorded in 1996 for ” rennet heart” version of the song by Oleg Kvasha ” Green-eyed taxi “, which at the same time , turns into an occasion for scandal raised by the author of the song at the beginning of 1999.

In the autumn of 1998 begins preparing material for a new album , the recording of which begins at the end of the year. CD ” Beauty ” diverse in mood and musically. Album comes out in May , and musicians again begin actively touring , a significant place in which takes part in a non-political part of the tour , “Yes! ” In September and October . Autumn begins preparing new material. The first song ” Grapevine ” recorded at a studio in Minsk ” Mezzo Forte” in September and reduced in France English producer Victor Pendlebury .

In January 2000 in Minsk on Belarusian television studio recording a new album with the working title of “serious .” Pendlebury comes the second week of recording , when everything is almost ready . He is pleased with the direction of the work and the result is directly involved in a mixing material. ” Lapis ” signed a contract with Russia’s leading record company Real Records, which is 15 May of the same year they release a new album.

“Grave ” has caused a mixed reaction . Moscow radio station program directors are reluctant to take in your broadcast songs from “grave », MTV and ORT refused twist clips ” dawg ” and ” On the alleys ” ( filmed with the participation of the comic troupe ” Maski Show “). But Artemy Troitsky called ” serious” , ” the best that has been published in Russia in 2000 .”

Studio “Union” album reissued hers “Beauty “, entitled ” All the girls like … “. In reissue includes three new songs – “Love turned his back to me ,” ” My Baby ” (a cover version of the hit group ” Hands Up ! “) And ” Grapevine .” At the same time leaves a musical film about a group of ” all the girls like … “.

Clip on the first hit from the upcoming album ( release was scheduled for autumn 2001 ) , “Blue” , was shot in Minsk director Igor Pashkevich . Roller filmed in early January at the Minsk bicycle factory . For two nights ” Lapis ” portrayed some hooligans proletarians chasing for beautiful girls in feathers and sequins . The video was taken at an exclusive MTV and in March 2001 became the rotated on the channel video.

In March of the same band members initiated the establishment of the creative association ” Children of the Sun .” The purpose of association – to promote a fun positive music , no matter who sings it – recognized star or talented newcomers . In order to promote this idea was created by a record label titled ” Children of the Sun “, which stylistic priorities – ska, reggae, ” gypsy music ” and the other ” sunny music .” By the end of the year came two collections .

Summer of 2001 was filmed for the song ” Sochi”, which, like “Blue” was a great success . This wave in September released the album “Youth” – the most successful disk group since ” Beauty .” Shortly after the release longtime drummer left the band ” Lyapises ” – Alexey Lubavin . His place behind the drums took ex- member jazz band Apple Tea Alexander Storozhuk .

Over time, the group began to think about the new album . First sample entries made ​​in the autumn of 2002. In January 2003, traveled to Kiev to Eugene Stupka . Two of the six songs recorded entered the experimental maxi-single ” Chyrvony pants ” (May 2003), also includes a large number of remixes from friends of the band . After several trials, ” Lapis ” chose Minsk studio ” Selah ” , which employs Andrei Zhukov . That he once wrote first cassette album ” Lapis Troubetzkoy ” ” rennet heart.”

The result of nearly a year of work was the album ” Golden eggs ” (April 2004), the sound of which was noticeably more “independent” , with a strong influence of ska and reggae . By the time of its release on the song ” Rainka ” and ” Golden eggs ” were filmed videos . In mid-March 2004 Sergey Mikhalok shaved my head , explaining this act desire to start a new life . Sergei also began to actively engage in sports, and in the summer of 2004, he shaves off his mustache , thus finally changing its classic image. In August 2004 there was a video for the song ” Postmen ” captured American director Kevin Jackson.

In 2004-2005, ” Liapis Trubetskoy ” actively engaged in soundtracks. Team Michalka Sergei writes music for the series ” Men do not cry ” and the film ” The last face ” (both filmed by Russian director Sergei Bobrov ) .

However, in the summer of 2005 the band began work on his next studio disc nicely . The first new songs (” Andrew “, ” Hare “) were presented to listeners before studio recording winner “Invasion” , in Kazakhstan and Russia , received very positive feedback – made ​​a live recording at Emmaus ” Hare ” even hit the charts ” Our radio” . Also, ” Lapis ” began to prepare for the future disk duet with Moldovan band Zdob şi Zdub. November 25, 2005 was a big solo concert ” Lyapises ” club “Orange”, during which the musicians performed all their hits , as well as two new songs . Then began the first recording of the new album were recorded : ” Hare “, ” Andrew “, ” Comrade .”

March 2006 saw the release of the album ” Men Do not Cry ” , which included material recorded group in 2004-2005 . Mainly soundtracks for domestic serials .

In the first half of 2006, the group returned to one of the founders of the band – bassist Dmitry Sviridovich , replacing multiinstrumentalist Vladimir Elkin . The band start touring again . On Tavriyskikh games in May 2006 the band played almost all of their hits, as well as some new songs . In summer 2006, work continued on the next studio album ” Lyapises .” During this period were recorded song: ” Cat “, ” Dog “, ” Kerch -2″ , a remake of “Kerch” . In November, the boys starred in the movie ” Hare “, which pretty soon got into the rotation of different music channels .

In December 2006, the group once again left Dmitry Sviridovich , and he was replaced by bassist Dennis Sturchenko . During this time, the band changed the working title for the album “Capital” . Group finishes the song “Capital “, ” Lights “, ” The Golden Antelope “, ” Gojko Mitic ” and a remake of the song ” Ramonki .”

In April 2007, the Internet appeared animated video for the song “Capital” , which Mikhalok was depicted as a many-armed deity with the bank in the shape of a pig instead of a heart , who traveled in a strange animal around the world, finally destroyed by globalization.

May 1 at the club “Orange ” the presentation of the new album “Capital” . The album was released in late April in two versions: a deluxe edition ( cardboard jacket , booklet, bonuses ) and standard version (without the booklet , and as a bonus – one clip “Capital” ) . Songs in the album full of acute social and political satire . May 12, 2007 held a ” cultural scuffle ” between groups ” Lapis Troubetzkoy ” and ” Vopli Vіdoplyasova ” within the program MTV « Full Contact .” Victory eventually won lapis .

In May 2007 , began active touring in support of their new album. Held many concerts , and the summer of 2007 for the song ” Capital” of Alexei Terekhov won many awards at festivals.

September 29, 2007 shooting took place the concert of ” Lapis Troubetzkoy ” club “Point” . Director filming began Chizhov , a longtime friend ” Lyapises .” At the end of October 2007 clip “Capital” won a prize at a ceremony in the category RAMP “Clip of the Year” .

In January 2008, ” Lapis ” started to work on a new album . February 1, 2008 the group released a new song ” Manifesto .” February 15, 2008 was released first in the history of the band live DVD titled ” Capital : Concert at the” point ” .” On the same day, a big solo concert ” Lyapises ” club “Shadow” . In addition to “Manifesto” and the band played a new song called “The Hyundai hoch .”

The portal «LiveJournal» premiere clip ” Golden antelope “, which has generated controversy among the public .

February 16, 2008 ” Lapis ” made ​​on a large compilation concert ” Chart Dozen ” in St. Petersburg .

In May 2008, the group officially closed ” year ” Capital ” .” May 9 ” Lapis ” gave a speech at the Minsk Sports Palace , which attracted more than 7,500 spectators and was the biggest concert of the group and one of the biggest solo concerts in Minsk Belarusian performers . May 16, 2008 was the last concert with the program “Capital” – in Moscow club “Point” .

At both concerts , the musicians presented to the public their new songs : “Manifesto” , “Rock- PUPS ” (working title – ” Hyundai hoch “), ” Zorachkі “, ” Redneck .”

Premiere of “Manifesto” was held September 14, 2008 in Vitebsk in the Summer Amphitheatre . Then ” Lapis ” embarked on their “Manifesto Tour ” in Russia .

Initially, the album’s release «Manifest», on which work was held in the period from January to September 2008 , was scheduled for October 24, 2008 . However, the band members once again pleasantly surprised by the public that have posted their new album for free on the Internet ( portals Tut.By, Poster. Roux, Poster. Ua ) , and, a month before the planned date . Simultaneously with the album in the network appeared the first video for the track with the new album – ” Redneck “. The clip was filmed in an atmosphere of secrecy in Minsk in September 2008 .

September 30, 2008 album «Manifest» was published by “Nikitin” on CD-ROM .

October 24 and November 21, this plate was presented in the biggest clubs in Moscow B1 Maximum and St. Petersburg (GlavClub).

November 7, 2008 on the portal Nashe.ru premiere clip ” Lyapises ” ” Lights ” (director – Alexey Terekhov ) . A few days after this kind of ” a group of young Moscow Communists” combined visuals ” spark” the team with the song “Underwood” ” I’d like the Soviet Union ” and put the result on the main page of the official website of the Communist Party and the Communist Party of the CIM website .

December 19 the band played a sold-out concert in Moscow club B2 – and thus completed the first part of the ” Manifesto of the tour .”

The beginning of 2009 was marked for the band members give music awards : «ZD-Awards», « Chart Dozen ,” ” Rock – coronation .” March 9, 2009 , the regular recital ” Lyapises ” in Minsk Palace of Sports – the event was attended by some estimates up to 4 thousand people. His broadcast took place in Belarus live online radio station «NETradio». Were presented two new songs : “Thunderbird ” and ” pitching .”

At the same time the band began recording their next studio album – ” Cultural enlightenment .”

March 27, 2009 , the first DVD- release of the band with a collection of clips – “Parade – Allee .” In the deluxe edition also includes the albums “Capital” and «Manifest» with bonus tracks .

In May 2009, a group for the first time went to the American tour . ” Lapis Troubetzkoy ” visited a number of cities, including Washington and Boston . Upon his return from the United States ” Lapis ” began the final stage of the album. In summer 2009 the band performed at a number of festivals – «Kubana», « Russian Lessons “, ” Navalnitsa “, ” Air », «Rock-Line».

August 24, 2009 on the website «Kroogi» was published for free download album ” Cultural enlightenment .” CD with the album ” Cultural enlightenment ” was released September 1, 2009 . In the first week of September, the album became the leader in sales in stores “Union” and “Republic” .

October 28, 2009 at a ceremony «RAMP 2009″ ( awards in the field of alternative music ) ensemble received just two figurines – in the ” Clip of the Year” (” Lights “) and ” Band of the Year .”

December 11, 2009 the band performed in Moscow in “Olympic ” at a concert dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the ” Time Machine” , where she performed the song ” Time Machine ” , ” Swallow ” and his own «Manifest». On the same day , was presented a tribute album, ” Time Machine ” , ” typescript “, which included the song ” Swallow ” performed ” Lyapises .”

Team leader Sergey Mikhalok , 2010 .
Lapis Troubetzkoy album released in Germany «Agitpop», in collaboration with the label «Eastblock Music». Besides disc includes 18 tracks remixes of the song “Capital” from Igor Vdovin and Noize MC.

In summer 2010 Lapis Troubetzkoy performed on the main stage as one of the headliners at the festival Sziget. In August – one of the headliners and Dobrofest Kubana.

November 7 group released a single, ” The Sacred Flame” , consisting of three new tracks , the main of which – “Africa” ​​- a remake of the song of the ” Committee for the heat ” in the genre reggikor .

In November, the official website of ” Lyapises ” reported that the group left trumpeter Paul Kuzyukovich . His place was taken by Vlad Sienkiewicz .

e1 February networks came the song “I believe “, and on February 14 a clip on it . February 10 the band began a concert tour devoted to the new album ” Fun “, which was released on March 9 in the Internet and on March 14 CD- media. Currently the album is available for free download on the Internet.

In the Belarusian blogosphere there is a list of prohibited mention in the official media ” artists and creative teams .” The list includes both Belarusian and foreign creative people . Among them was a group of ” Lapis Troubetzkoy .” Because of the ” black list” in March were not held concerts in Gomel ( March 13) and Mogilev (March 20 ) , also canceled concerts in group 1 and 2 April in Minsk club ” reactor”. Lapis canceled concerts in Maladzechna , Soligorsk Zhlobin respectively 5, 6, April 10.

In May 2011, the team left the drummer Alexander Storozhuk , musician, with whom ” Lapis ” worked for a decade. He was replaced by Denis Shurov , before playing in the Belarusian team “Without a Ticket ”

In August 2011 , the group presented the video for “Princess” . Video works became director Ukrainian director Alexander Stekolenko , and on the creation of costumes and props worked Lesya Molasses .

In October, the media reported that against the leader of the group can be prosecuted in his home country for publicly insulting President Alexander Lukashenko , but prosecutors said it did not find any violations by Michalka .

Harbinger of the new album was the song verses Kupala ” Not byts cattle, ” which ” Lapis ” presented in November 2011 . Release of the album ” Rabkor ” held on May 1.

In 2012, ” Liapis Trubetskoy ” gave more than 100 solo concerts with programs ” Not byts cattle ” and ” Rabkor ” and also performed on all major open- airs of Russia and CIS countries. All visitors to the final concert of the ” Rabkor Live» issued eponymous CD , and ” Rabkor Live» was their first live album , released a limited edition.

Musicians were also triumphant Russian rock award ” Chart Dozen ” won in three categories : “Group” , “Poetry ” and ” Video .” The song ” Clown” for the year among the top three most popular tracks of the hit parade ” Chart Dozen ” (” Nashe Radio “).

In 2013 the group started with a little rest , which the musicians decided to take before the end of the tour ” Rabkor Live» Izhevsk . January 31 Sergey Mikhalok gave the first year for a great interview popular magazine «Rolling Stone», which compared Putin to Lukashenko , and explained why he stopped drinking and for what reason is not returned to Minsk.

February 8 premiere of the concert film ” Rabkor Live», which included the best moments with presentations ” Rabkor ” Koktebel , Vilnius, Moscow , Kiev and St. Petersburg. Sergey Mikhalok explained the reasons for some inaccuracies in the movie ” movie audio track was recorded in Vilnius , this is our live performance , we did not edit it and ruled for reliability and preserve the atmosphere. A video – this assembly of each track with different gigs , so the film can be nonsynchronous and frames in different clothes , with different staging and scenery . ”

February 20, 2013 on the official YouTube- channel group ” Liapis Trubetskoy ” premiered clip Lyapis Crew, directed by Alexander Stekolenko in late 2012 in Kiev at the plant “Lenin’s smithy” . The video was released on the eve of the band’s tour of the same name , ” Liapis Troubetzkoy ,” which kicked off March 1 in Kazan and will last until the end of 2013 .

In late April, the album “Capital” was released on 140 -gram black vinyl record with the illustrated inner sleeve . “Capital” was the band’s first album , released on vinyl .

May 25 at the official channel of the group appeared in the iTunes single, ” Dance ! “.

In August 2013 they performed at the music festival ” Cubana “. In September, the group has become a party to live music festival “Air” , which was held in Karelia.

In late August, the group also announced the first Belarusian-language album , a collection entitled ” Gry “. There will be songs in the Belarusian language , which came in the last 10 years. Release is scheduled for November 30, 2013 .

6 September the band played as a headliner on the rally and concert in support of a candidate for mayor of Moscow Alexei Navalny .

On September 23, the official channel of the group appeared in the iTunes Belarusian-language single, ” Month “, which will go into the upcoming album ” Gry “. October 7 resources “Nashe Radio” premiered the song “Tank” , it is the next single from the upcoming album , due out in spring 2014.

October 16 , in honor of the birthday Oldie , group ” Liapis Trubetskoy ” and ” Karibasy ” issued a joint mini- album titled «Oldi. Serenity Dub ».

November 30 in Vilnius a presentation concert program ” Gry “. Belarusian portal TUT.BY organized online broadcast of the event, which viewed 120 thousand visitors.
Discography ” Lapis Troubetzkoy ” :
1996 – rennet heart
1998 – You threw
1999 – Beauty
2000 – The heavy
2001 – Youth
2004 – Golden eggs
2007 – Capital
2008 – Manifest
2009 – Cultural enlightenment
2011 – Funny Pictures
2012 – Rabkor
2014 – Matryoshka


At the 13th ceremony of the best Belarusian musicians ” Rock Coronation ” (March 14 , Maladziechna , crystal crown awarded in nine categories ) three crystal crown – ” Song of the Year ” (” Zorachkі “), ” Album of the Year ” ( “Manifesto” ) and ” Band of the Year .”

Three laureates RAMP, twice in the ” Clip of the Year” for the video “Capital” (2007) and ” Lights ” (2009 ) and ” Band of the Year ” (2009) .

In 2012, the musicians were also triumphant main Russian rock award ” Chart Dozen ” won in three categories : “Group” , “Poetry ” and ” Video .” And the song ” Clown” for the year among the top three most popular tracks of the hit parade ” Chart Dozen ” (” Nashe Radio “).

In 2013, ” Liapis Trubetskoy ” received just two figurines Belarusian Prize Rock Profi.

lyapis.com – official website of the ” Lapis Troubetzkoy “

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