Mark Tishman

Mark Tishman was born August 22, 1979 in Makhachkala (Dagestan) . Nationality – Jew . Mark’s father , Joseph Abramovich by profession – an engineer and a native of Chernivtsi and mother Isolde M. – doctor of semibessarabskogo origin. Mark has an older brother Michael, also a doctor by profession .

Since childhood Marc fond of music , took part in amateur competitions , Makhachkala finished music school number 5 in piano. At age 13 he became the winner of the English language and went to study in the U.S. on an exchange program students, where more than half attended classes at the children’s choir . He graduated with honors from high school Makhachkala number 8.

After high school, Mark Tishman moved from Makhachkala to Moscow and entered the Moscow State University Department of Foreign Languages ​​, from which he graduated with honors and a bachelor’s degree . Speaks English and Spanish. While studying at the University Marc began taking vocal lessons from the famous music school teacher Gnesins Vladimir Khachaturova . After graduating from MSU , Mark enrolled in the faculty of RATA musical theater course Rosetta Nemchinskaya . He played in many productions , including the musical ” Kiss Me, Kate ,” where he played a major role and which has performed in many cities in Russia and abroad .

Prior to 2006, Mark was one of the soloists of the ” union “, which became in July 2004, the winner of the international contest of young performers ” knot ” [3] . After leaving the group Mark Tishman performed at corporate events and festivals , worked in television , where he led a program about fashion, starred in the TV series , wrote the songs that he sang , as well as a group of “Paris .” Mark Tishman led lottery “Bingo million ” on the channel ” Russia ” from 2006 – 2007 .

In summer 2007, Mark Tishman sent his song ” I’ll be your angel ” to the casting of “American Idol – 7 .” As a result, he was selected Konstantin Meladze and became a member of TV music project in the final which took second place . During his participation in the project Mark Tishman has drawn the attention of many prominent figures of culture and art . Here is the opinion of the country ‘s leading jazz musician George Garanian ” Tishman has already spoken with me at the Moscow Conservatory . Ready professional artist, the most prepared of those who were there . Moreover, in the field of jazz , he showed remarkable erudition . Knew things that not everyone knows jazz musician . Among other things , the future of the children may not be related to those places which they were sentenced . I prophesy the future Mark Tishmanu – even here and say nothing, it’s all perfectly clear . ”

Immediately after filming “Star Factory” Mark Tishman addressed the annual festival ” Russian winter” in London, where he sang his song ” bright flame “, jumping off the stage and standing on metal fences . This brought him to the attention of the mass audience and the next day in the local evening newspaper wrote:

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“Mike Tishman , winner of the Russian version of Pop Idol, was received with great enthusiasm and was a very nice boy , when he said that festivals – this time for ” warmth and love ” ”

He also participated as a singer – performer in the ” Song of the Year ” on the TV channel Russia , ” Star “, ” First Night “, ” Tatyana’s Day “, ” Songs for the Beloved “, “Miss Russia ” on STS channel and various holiday concerts . From February to September 2008 participated in a tour of “American Idol 7 ” in cities of Russia and abroad , where he not only performs his own songs , but also the leading all concerts.

March 2, 2008 on the day of election of the President of Russia took part in the concert “I choose to Russia ! ” Held at the Kremlin walls and broadcast on Channel One at the close of elective areas ( 02.03.2008 , beginning 21-20 ) . Along with popular singers sang a hymn of his own composition “Forward, Russia ! ” Which sounded the next day in the morning editions of ” News ” Channel One .

Mark Tishman was the author of the music and lyrics of the hymn ” Daisy” , written in honor of the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity , which in 2008 declared a national holiday . Svetlana Medvedev , wife of Russian President in an interview said: ” A good song written by Mark Tishman – in just one night . I did not expect that young people respond so appears as poetry – how to love , how to feel. And that is very important : the poems are addressed precisely this day. About love something written much , but about family, about how to take care of her … “. Premiere of the hymn ” Daisy” in the performance of Mark Tishman and finalists of the TV project “Star Factory” took place in the final gala concert on Channel 8 July 2008 , which was broadcast from Murom .

After the project is “American Idol ” fans of the singer and composer Mark Tishman organized official fan club ” Marquis of Angels,” which holds meetings with the artist .

In the final gala concert of the international festival “Five stars . Intervision 2008 ” in Sochi Mark Tishman was the guest of honor and performed live in his new song ” My Story ” on the First Channel on August 31. In September, Mark Tishman participated in the festivities dedicated to the holidays “City Day” (Messrs. Moscow, Tula) . Also to the audience until the end of 2008 were presented two new songs authorship Mark Tishman ” Evening. Cold “and” Girl – Victory . ” As a singer- performer Mark Tishman participates in creative evenings George Garanian Andrew Dementieva , Nicholas Dobronravova , Valentin Yudashkin , and in the evenings memory ( Mikhail Tanich , Vladimir Vysotsky ) , which are broadcast on federal television channels ( Channel One Russia ) .

Mark Tishman at events is not only as an artist but also leading programs. June 23, 2008 Mark Tishman , along with Jana Chourikova held ” Graduation Ball “, which was held in the State Kremlin Palace with a live broadcast on the first channel. November 12, 2008 he held the tenth anniversary awards ceremony national award “Product of the Year” , which was broadcast on the channel MUZ-TV in December 2008 . November 16, 2008 together with Jana Chourikova Mark Tishman spent an anniversary concert George Garanian the State Kremlin Palace . December 5, 2008 , together with Garik Martirosyan , Vera Brezhnev , Zhanna Friske , Alexander and Jana Cekalo Chourikova Mark Tishman become the leading popular song festival “New songs about the main” that appear on the New Year’s holidays in 2009 on Channel One. November 8, 2009 in the First Channel held a jubilee evening Pakhmutova , which became the leading Tatyana Vedeneyeva and Mark Tishman . There he performed the song ” Russian Waltz” . November 17, 2009 leading award ceremony in the field of aesthetic medicine “Golden lancet ” became “… the daughter of the famous surgeon , famous TV presenter Ian Laputina and Russian pop star , singer and composer Mark Tishman .”

On July 19, 2009 Mark Tishman with Diana Shpak become permanent leading children’s television game program ” National Treasure ” (Channel One) .

In 2009, in a duet with actress Nonna Grishaeva won the third season of the musical show of the First channel ” Star .”

In his live performances Mark Tishman pays attention to supporting charitable projects. On the eve of National Unity Day November 2, 2009 , he became one of the leading concert ” Country Resurrection ” in SRC “Russia Luzhniki “, held with the support of the Government of Moscow . November 8, 2009 Mark Tishman spoke at the closing ceremony of the charitable festival ” Radiant Angel” , which is the spiritual guardian of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill . In November 2009, Mark was awarded Tishmanu “Gratitude” for participation in ” Sunny Day” from the Foundation for Social and Cultural Initiatives , whose president is Svetlana Medvedev .

In February 2010, Mark participated in solo concerts of French singer Patricia Kaas in the State Kremlin Palace , the duo performed the song with which «La Chance Jamais Ne Dure», Russian text which “Fate give us a chance ,” he wrote . In April, with Joseph Kobzon and Tamara Gverdtsiteli acted creative evenings poet Andrei Dementieva in the six largest cities in Israel ( Ashkelon , Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Be’er Sheva , Karmiel, Haifa) . Mark has performed well-known songs “Apples in the Snow” , “Let ‘s try to return “, ” I paint .” Specifically for concerts Mark Tishman wrote the music to his poem ” In the coming year – in Jerusalem.” In 2010, Mark – the constant participant of a new musical project of the First channel Property of the Republic , where he performed the popular retro song ” Best city in the world “, ” returning you to your portrait ,” “How , tell me your name? ” (A duet with Alexey Vorobyov ) “Alexandra” (a duet with Victoria Dayneko ), and is also a member of the jury.

In the spring of 2010 , Mark Tishman attended the recital poet Andrei Dementieva “My Land Tver principality ” ( Tver) and the anniversary concert Orchestra . Yuri Silantieva in SRC “Russia Luzhniki ” , where he performed the song ” Russian Waltz” accompanied by composer Pakhmutova ( aired on TVC ) . May 9 took part in a charity concert in the Kremlin Palace for war veterans ” Victory Songs “, where he sang a song from the repertoire of Lev Leshchenko . “Lilac” on June 12, Russia Day Mark Savichevoj performed with Julia , Valeria , Irakli, a group of “City 312” and other popular local artists their song “Go Russia ” in the final big concert “Young Russia” on Red Square , which was broadcast live on Muz -TV and Russia -1 .

Mark Tishman also continues to act as lead concerts – Svetlana Morgunova June 19 at the “Crocus City Hall” spent an evening in memory of the great Russian singer Lyudmila Zykina “I am flying over Russia ” with the broadcast on Channel One. With Marina Devyatova held June 23 “Ball graduates – 2010 ” on the TVC channel , where there was a premiere of his new song “I ‘ll be back to you .” July 3 Mark Tishman performed at a concert for the Day of Family , Love and Fidelity , which held for the third year in Murom with the broadcast on Channel One. This year, first performed his solo song “Light ” and a duet with Victoria Dayneko ” Half ” (author Jahan Pollyieva ) . July 4 was made at the closing of the international music competition ” knot ” (Novorossiysk ) .

Mark Tishman Leonid Yarmolnik announced a major role in the movie “The Ugly Ya 3D» world-renowned producer Chris Meledandri ( creator of the movie ” Ice Age” ) of the company’s Universal Studios. World premiere cartoon passed June 30, 2010 as part of the 32nd Moscow International Film Festival.

In October 2010, was a joint tour Mark Tishman and Zara , who successfully acted in the best concert halls of the largest cities in Israel – Ashkelon , Haifa, Karmiel, Beer-Sheva , Nahariya , Tel Aviv , Jerusalem.

In November 2010, Mark Tishman made ​​the first music video for their song “January”. Director – Kirill Serebrennikov operator – Michael Krichman . December 2, 2010 , the release of his first solo album Mark Tishman “Songs of You” , which released the record company Real Records. It includes 12 songs written by Mark in the period from 2001 to 2010 – “Moscow- Neva”, “Closer to the sky “, “I ‘ll be your angel “, ” January “, “I will return to you ,” ” Our dance ” ” Jerusalem “, “Girl -win “, ” bright “, ” bright flame “, ” like “, ” Evening. Cold. ” And the song ” Five Colors of Love” written by the composer and poet Konstantin Meladze Diana Golde especially for Mark. On the album, the duo released ” Like! ” Actress Nonna Grishaeva .

Mark Tishman is constantly looking for new forms of his work. In December, he spoke in the final game of the winter season games What? Where? When? , Singing to his own accompaniment on the piano song “Mama” from the repertoire of “The Secret .” For New Year’s issue of the ” Property of the Republic ” First Channel , devoted to the composer Alla Pugacheva , Mark Tishman performed new arrangements of her song ” Mary ” in the company of the ” Street Jazz” . A concert of his own song “January” put world champion in gymnastics Laysan Utiasheva that with him took part in the filming of ” Twenty best songs ” and ” National Brand ” held in late 2010 at the State Kremlin Palace.

In 2010, Mark Tishman made ​​as an actor dubbing , he voiced the role of vectors in the animated film ” Despicable Me .” According to the director of dubbing Yaroslava Turylevoy lack of experience in this profession was offset by hard work and an ear for music . Within this framework, Mark Tishman actively cooperated with Leonid Yarmolnik ; later they worked together on presentations of the picture.

Mark Tishman recorded the song «L’été indien» composer Toto Cutugno in a duet with the famous Italian singer InGrid. Aired this song was on Channel 31 December 2010 in the New Year edition of ” Star .” March 17, 2011 it was performed at the concert Toto Cutugno at the State Kremlin Palace.

March 8, 2011 on TV -1 and Russian TVC premiered the new song Mark Tishman ” No problem ! ” His own authorship , which he performed in the gala concert in Moscow Circus on the stage of the Kremlin Palace in a festive show catwalk Valentin Yudashkin .

On March 12, 2011 Mark Tishman became a member of the new season of the TV Channel “Star Factory – return” , which brings finalists in previous releases , which again will compete for the title of the best manufacturer . In the final, Mark received a special prize ” producer Prize Award” [15].

Since November 2013 Mark Tishman takes part in a burlesque show of the First channel ” Repeat ! ” In which contestants participating transform into well-known actors , politicians , TV stars , stars of show business and sports.


Mark Tishman is known not only as a singer – performer, but as a composer and lyricist . In broadcast television and radio stations with songs :

«Nathalie» ( Music Julio Iglesias / words Raul Arcuza / performance Mark Tishman , Nonna Grishaeva ) , the project “Two stars -3”
“Actress” (music / words Konstantin Meladze / performance Mark Tishman , Nonna Grishaeva ) project “Two stars -3”
“April” (music / words Jahan Pollyieva / performance Mark Tishman )
“Poor Devil ” (music / performance Mark Tishman words )
“Closer ” (music / words Mark Tishman / performance Mark Tishman / group ” encore” / Vlad Sokolovsky / group ” union ” / group ” Paris” )
“You are returning to your portrait ” (music by Nikolai Myznikov / words Efim Rosenfeld / performance Mark Tishman ) , the project “Heritage of the Republic”
“Next year in Jerusalem ” (music by Mark Tishman / words Andrei Dementyev / performance Mark Tishman )
” Evening. Cold ” (music / word / performance Mark Tishman )
“Forward, Russia ! ” (Music / words Mark Tishman / performance Mark Tishman / Mark Tishman , Victoria Dayneko group “City 312” , a group of “Roots” , the group “Factory” )
” First Love” (music by Arno Babajanyan / words Andrei Voznesensky / performance Barashkov Leo , Mark Tishman )
” Victory Girl ” (music / word / performance Mark Tishman )
” Dance , dance , dance ” (music / word / performance Mark Tishman )
” Ill- Tango” (music Gennady Gladkov words Julius Kim / performance Mark Tishman , Nonna Grishaeva ( iz k / f 12 chairs ) , the project “Two stars -3″
” For that guy ” (music by Mark Fradkin , Robert Rozhdestvensky word / performance Mark Tishman )
“Illusions ” (music by Mark Tishman , Andrew Misin / words Mark Tishman / performance Mark Tishman )
” Swan fidelity ” (music by Evgeny Martynov / words Andrei Dementyev / performance Mark Tishman )
” Love is like popcorn ” (music / words Mark Tishman / performance Mark Tishman / Vlad Sokolovsky )
“Best city in the world ” (music by Arno Babajanyan / words Leonid Derbenyov / performance Mark Tishman ) , the project “Heritage of the Republic”
” Mama ” (music / words Konstantin Meladze / performance Mark Tishman )
” Makhno not looking ” (music by Veniamin Basner , the words Michael Matusovsky / performance Mark Tishman )
“Like” (music by Michael Tariverdiev words Marina Tsvetaeva / performance Mark Tishman , Nonna Grishaeva ) of k / f Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath ! Project “Two stars -3″
” My Story ” (music / word / performance Mark Tishman )
“Our Dance” (music / words Mark Tishman / performance Mark Tishman , Kornelia Mango , Zara )
” London Sky ” (music / words Zemfira / performance Mark Tishman , Nonna Grishaeva ) , the project “Two stars -3″
” No problem ” (music / word / performance Mark Tishman )
“Nocturne” (music by Arno Babajanyan , Robert Rozhdestvensky word / performance Mark Tishman , Nonna Grishaeva ) , the project “Two stars -3”
“Zero” (music / word / performance Mark Tishman )
” Another snowstorm ” (music by Konstantin Meladze words Konstantin Meladze Jahan Pollyieva / performance Mark Tishman , Nonna Grishaeva ) , the project “Two stars -3″
” Orange tie ” (music by Eugene Havtan words Valery Sjutkin / performance Mark Tishman , Nonna Grishaeva ) , the project “Two stars -3″
” Steamboat ” (music by Nikolai Minh words Anatoly Frenkel / performance Mark Tishman , Nonna Grishaeva ) , the project “Two stars -3″
” Anuta Song ” (music by Isaac Dunaevsky , Lyrics by Vasily Lebedev-Kumach / performance Mark Tishman , Nonna Grishaeva ) , the project “Two stars -3”
“Song of the City” (music / word / performance Mark Tishman )
” Half ” (music / words Jahan Pollyieva / performance Mark Tishman , Victoria Dayneko )
” The Last Battle ” (music / words Mikhail Nozhkin / performance Mark Tishman , Nonna Grishaeva ) , the project “Two stars -3″
” Five Colors ” (music by Konstantin Meladze / words Konstantin Meladze , Diana Golde / performance Mark Tishman )
“Daisy” (music / words Mark Tishman / performance Mark Tishman , Victoria Dayneko , Alexey Chumakov , Zara group ” Yin-Yang “, ” encore” )
“Hands ” (music by Jacques Ilya / Lyrics by Vasily Lebedev-Kumach / performance Claudia Shulzhenko , Mark Tishman )
” Russian Waltz” ( music by Alexander Pakhmutova / words Nikolai Dobronravov / performance Mark Tishman )
“Light ” (music / word / performance Mark Tishman )
“Lilac” (music by Paul Aedonitsky / words Yevgeny Dolmatovsky / performance Leshchenko , Mark Tishman )
” Do not be sad ” (music by Michael Tariverdiev / words Nikolai Dobronravov / performance Mark Tishman ) of k / f Big Ore
“The Black Cat” (music Saulsky / Michael Tanic word / performance Sjutkin Valery , Mark Tishman )
” Those eyes ” (music by David Tukhmanov words Tatyana Bellamy / performance Mark Tishman , Nonna Grishaeva )
” It’s a blessing ” (music by Julio Iglesias (cover- version, orig . «Pobre Diablo») / Mark Tishman performance ) , the concert ” Christmas Eve 2009 at the First ”
” I’m back ” (music by Andrew Misin words Karen Kavaleryan / performance Mark Tishman
“I met a girl ” (music by Andrey Babaev , words Mirzo Tursunzade and Harold Registan / performance Mark Tishman , Nonna Grishaeva ) , the project “Two stars -3”
“I will return to you ” (music / word / performance Mark Tishman )
“I paint ” (music by Raimonds Pauls / words Andrei Dementyev / performance Mark Tishman )
” Bright flame ” (music / word / performance Mark Tishman )
“I ‘ll be your angel ” (music / word / performance Mark Tishman )
“January” (music / word / performance Mark Tishman )


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