Natalie Podolskaya

Natalie Podolskaya was born May 20, 1982 in Mogilev. Father – Yuri , a lawyer . Mother – Nina Goncharova , director of the exhibition hall. She has a twin sister, Juliana , older sister and younger brother of Tatiana Andrew.

At 9 years old was admitted to the theater-studio “Rainbow” .

At the age of nine years she studied piano at the music school and began singing in Studio «W» Mogilev lyceum music and choreography. Won as a teenager , the Grand Prix TV contest of young performers ” Zornaya Rostan ” (Belarus) , the International Festival of Sacred Music “Mighty God” (Mogilev , Belarus) and «Goldenfest» ( Poland) .

From 1999 to 2004, studied law at the Belarusian Institute of Law , graduated with honors. In 2002-2003 he was a finalist at the national Belarusian Television Festival ” Crossroads of Europe .” In 2002 he moved to Moscow and entered the vocal department of the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art , where classes were taught her singing skill Tamara Miansarova .

Became known in 2002, after participating in a music festival ” Slavic Bazaar” in Vitebsk. In the same year , in Prague , the international festival «Universetalent Prague 2002″ won ” Best Song ” and ” Best Singer .”

Getting creative way. Star Factory -5
In March 2004, Podolsky participated in the qualifying round at the ” Eurovision-2004 ” from Belarus.

In 2004 , after passing a complex casting, got into the project “First Channel” “Star Factory -5 .” December 17, 2004 , their debut album “Late .” The CD includes 13 songs written by Victor Drobysh , Elena Styuf , Igor Kaminski and Arthur Biden said.

The song ” Late ” was a hit for a long time been in the top five popular songs on the hit parade of the Channel “Golden Gramophone” . December 20, 2004 was held the final concert of “American Idol 5”, which took place on one of the biggest concert halls of the country – “Olympic .” According to the results of audience voting Natalie Podolsky took third place .

Eurovision 2005
In February 2005, was a Russian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest . Natalya won the final selection and represented Russia with the song «Nobody Hurt No One» the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 in Kiev, Ukraine .

In May , in preparation for participation in “Eurovision ” , Podolsk participated in the promo in foreign countries : Greece , Belgium, Croatia, Bulgaria , Moldova, Ukraine , Belarus. In promotura Natalia participated in press conferences , concerts , TV shows and interviews on radio and television. Also management singer released the single «Nobody Hurt No One», which contained four versions of the track (European version , radio version and 2 remixes ) + bonus track “Late “.

May 21 in Kiev hosted the final of “Eurovision 2005″ . Natalie Podolsky peaked at number 20. Following the voting took 15th place .

Podolsky told that experienced very painful defeat. ” What happened after the speech , I almost do not remember. I strongly beating heart, I was in a state of temporary insanity . If at that moment killed a man , that’s for sure I’d get away with it ” – she said . 15th place for the singer was ” a complete surprise and a personal failure ,” but at the same time – and a useful lesson that taught her a lot .

Years 2006 – 2010
Young composer and poet Natalia Pavlova writes songs for Natalia Podolsk . And in the same 2005 Russian Radio Podolsk Natalia performed the song “One” . Video was filmed for this song . In early 2006, the clip was shown on music channels , as well as hit the rotation on TV channel MTV. “One” reached number one on the charts MTV «SMS CHART “.

Podolsky toured Russia . These concerts she performs new songs , such as ” Turn off the light ,” ” Burned , flew “, ” Swirls days “, “From the earth to the heavens.”

In March 2006 Russian radio there is another singer song “Light a fire in the sky .” The chorus is reminiscent in style «Nobody Hurt No one». Radio Belarus on Russian song gets into the top three . Worked on a video clip trio Fresh Art. They were not only stylists , but directors.

With the song “Light a fire in the sky ” Podolsky performed at the festival of the Channel “New songs about the main thing .”

In the singer’s personal life changes occur. She starts dating a singer Vladimir Presnyakov , and also participates in various projects . One of these was the new TV show ” Child-robot ” on TNT .

In the same year, Natalie Podolsky again takes part in the ” Full Contact : next generation of stars against 90 .” Singer competes with Alena Apina . Natalia performed on the set of the new song ” Was you ever .” December 13, 2006 in the ” Roll Hall” is being shot “Battle of the year. Full contact “, which is also involved Natasha . She sings the song “One” and a duet with Vladimir Presnyakov “The Wall”

“The Wall” – a song about love, Vladimir Presnyakov outswing with Natalya Podolsk .

The singer tries to be a model . She is often invited to the podium.

At the final festival ” New songs about the main 2006″ Podolsky performs new song ” Was you ever .”

March 11, 2007 On our site there is a new song tophit Podolsk Natalia “My man .”

Natalia performs this song at various concerts ( such as “New songs about the main” , “5 stars” , “New Wave” ), both solo and in duet with Vladimir Presnyakov .

March 2, 2007 Natalia playing in Luzhniki in the concert program MTV « Babi revolt” with the song “One” and interesting number «Freedom» together with singer Sasha and Anastasia Stotsky . At the contest “New Wave” in a duet with Podolsky Vladimir Presnyakov performs the song ” My man .” The same song is the winner of “New songs about the main thing in 2007 .”

September 6, 2007 Podolsk Natalia song goes , ” The Firebird .” Artist writes this song together with his producer in Finland. Created a song composer Sergei Aristov and poet Olga Korotnikova . Song misses the rotation Russian Radio and other radio stations. Average track sounded on over 58,000 times . Producer of the singer it was decided to make a video for the song ” The Firebird .” November 8 shootings clip. It was directed by Marat Adelshin . Video was released in late 2007 – early 2008.

In 2008, Natalia received Russian citizenship .

Natalie Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov Leonid Agutin & jointly performed the song “Being a part of your .” First song sounded the contest “New Wave” . Quartet composition was rotated on the radio. Lasted a few weeks in the hit parade Russian radio “Golden Gramophone” and became the winner of ” Song of the Year 2008″.

Victor Drobysh write for Natalia Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov song ” You’re with me.” Words to music Drobyshev Shakhmatova Lisa wrote . Composition has not received wide airplay on the radio, but it can occasionally be heard on Radio Mayak and Radio Dacha. The video for this song gets into rotation on Muz , MTV, Music Box, Music First , RU.TV and other music channels . This song became the winner of ” Song of the Year 2009″.

August 26 tophit premiered the song ” Love is a drug .” Music and lyrics written O. ass. Song gets into heavy rotation on radio stations Radio Hut, Radio Alla , Radio Mayak , First Music and Humor FM. Natalia invited to perform this song on television.

2010 – 2013 год
In March 2010, expired contract between Podolsk and production center Victor Drobysha (” National Music Corporation” ), after which the singer became “independent creative unit ” and had the opportunity to “continue their own artistic activity .” The consequence was the possibility of termination of the contract stage experiments : in Minsk in 2010, Podolsky and Presnyakov gave a joint concert with Leonid Agutin & .

First independent work was a new track recorded together with Israeli DJ NOEL GITMAN, – «Let’s Go». Natalia was first performed in the style of music progressive trance .

At the end of the contract with Victor Drobysh , the singer continued to work , recorded new songs. In the radio program ” Boots show” Natalia introduced listeners to a new song ” Right to Happiness ”

In 2010, at the festival ” Slavic Bazaar” in Vitebsk Podolsky made ​​with the song “Pride” , the words and music written by the Wick ” Yasha ” Dayneko – daughter Valeria Dayneko of ” Belarusian Pesnyary” .

Was released dance arrangement of the song for rotation on dance radio stations. This version helped make Natalia DJ Ruslan Nigmatulin.

In late August, were shooting a video for the song “Pride” . They attended the twin sister of singer – Julia.

The club “Clouds” was a presentation of the video ” Pride .”

The clip was in heavy rotation on the channel Russian Music Box, and later became First broadcast on Music , MUZ , MTV.

At the competition of young performers in Jurmala “New Wave” Natalie Podolsky sang a duet with singer Angelika Varum “Day went out again .” She became the winner of the festival ” Song of the Year 2010″.

In 2011 participates in the project ” Stars Factory . Return ” , where graduates compete ” American Idol ” in different years , each of which once started his career in the” Star House . ” Natalia enters the command producer Victor Drobysha .

The song “Rain” for Natalia Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov written by Sergei Trofimov . Premiere of the song took place in March 2011 at a concert of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova ” One hope for love.”

The song “Rain” lasted 7 weeks in ” radiochart ” hit parade Red Star . The song also hit the consolidated radiochart In September , October and November . Duet song ” Rain ” won the festival ” Song of the Year 2011″.

On December 22 , a new portal TopHit.Ru Podolsk Natalia song “Winter” . Shot a video for this song , as the director of photographer Vladimir Shirokov made ​​, which was previously filmed a clip for Dominic Joker. Natalia decides to postpone the video output for the next winter season , but suddenly clip misses the net.

On one of the radio tells Natalia that recorded two new songs and dance to one of them will clip. So , 7 March 2012 on radio station ” The first popular ” new track appears Podolsk – ” Intuition ,” sponsored by stalEgor Solodovnikov . Gradually, the song appears on air other stations : Radio Dacha , RU.FM, Militsieyskaya wave , Love Radio. The video for this song takes Sergei Tkachenko. In the story video Natalia early morning took to the streets of Paris in search of men . She only has a picture of him . She goes to passersby asked them about it. After a long search, she despairs and tear to shreds the photo , but then think better of glues and photos . At the end of the video , she meets a young man who is also looking for a girl photo. And now she realizes the absurdity of these searches and gets a picture. In the video, the singer changed 5 images. Video rapid rotation falls within the music channels , including MUZ TV , Ru.TV, Russian Musicbox, Ru.music, Music first . In the first clip Music Parade reaches high lines , as in the TOP 10 on Myuzikboks and ” 10 girls ” on RU.TV. The clip is in hot rotation throughout the summer season and the beginning of autumn .

At the end of June 2012 there is information in the media that the fall will be a new composition Natalia called ” Let Them Talk ” also written by Yegor Solodovnikov and then clip on it . The song starts on August 17 the first popular radio but releasing it as a single, Natalia did not. Clip it also followed.

October 17 Natalia goes to China , where, together with representatives of the Russian platform participates in the event ” Days of Russian Culture in China.” In addition to performing Russian songs at the festival, she became also leading this event.

In mid-November, the network appears the official version of the video “Winter” , filmed in January. Clip a couple of weeks gaining more than 400 000 views . December 4 channel RU.TV in the ” orders ” Natalia presents this video viewers , as well as reports that in 2013, plans to release an album .

In December 2012 the album comes out in the light of the popular DJ Smash ” New World” , which became the title track duetanaya work with Natalia Podolsk “New World” . Soon, the media have reported that the track ” New World ” will be the soundtrack to uppercase “12 months” , which will be released in late April 2013. On March 29, the popular online channel ELLO premiered the video for this song .

In late February, Natalia made ​​a little surprise for fans – unveiled a beautiful new official website . In early April, it was reported that the singer , along with her husband and singer Vladimir Presnyakov in May presented a new song ” Kisslorod ” and 19 – 21 April in Kiev were shooting a music video , directed by Alan Badoev . On screen, music channels clip was released in late May.

September 12, 2013 was a big solo concert in Moscow club Natalia Alma Mater .

October 15, was appointed second solo album release Natalia Podolsk ” Intuition ” .

2003 – Unstoppable
2004 – Everybody Dance
2004 – Late
2005 – Nobody Hurt No One
2005 – One
2006 – Light a fire in the sky
2006 – Was you when – ever
2006 – The Wall ( with Vladimir Presnyakov )
2007 – My man
2007 – The Firebird
2008 – No one ever
2008 – You’re with me ( with Vladimir Presnyakov )
2009 – Love is a drug
2009 – Be a part of your ( quartet)
2010 – Pride
2010 – Day went out again ( with Angelika Varum )
2011 – Rain ( with Vladimir Presnyakov )
2012 – Intuition
2012 – Winter
2013 – The New World (c DJ Smash!!)
2013 – KISSlorod ( Vladimir Presnyakov )
2013 – Heart
2013 – Forgive

2004 – ‘Late’ ( studio album )
2005 – «Nobody Hurt No One» ( single)
2012 – “Being a part of your ”
2013 – ” Intuition ” ( studio album release 15 October)


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