“Semantic Hallucinations”

” Semantic Hallucinations ” – Russian rock band from Yekaterinburg.

Wide audience learned group ” Semantic Hallucinations ” in the late 90 -ies of XX century, although by this time ” SG” had a lot of luggage behind the life and career experience. “SG ” – one of the few teams that has signs of belonging , as an old and a new generation of rock bands. The band has always teetered on the brink of guitar and electronic sound . Active use of keyboards for a long time been the main feature of the Sverdlovsk rock school , partly , of course, influenced the sound of ” Semantic hallucinations “.

Birthday of the ” Semantic Hallucinations ” is considered to be August 21, 1989 – the day when the name appeared . At the same time formed the main creative principle of young musicians : anyone with their creativity nothing to prove and never make excuses.

In 1990, the group took the Sverdlovsk Rock Club . Soon, the alma mater of the Ural rock music was not – “SG ” were the last link in the life of this legendary organization …
Post-perestroika instability leaves its mark on the group : the general decline of interest in rock music , the lack of concert venues and frenzied heyday of pop is not allowed to move forward. Concerts gradually disappeared , it was rumored that ” SG” no longer exists . However, the creativity and the overwhelming desire to survive not given bury group ahead of time.
In early 1995, Buba going around a new core of musicians. Deciding that after a long break would be logical to start everything from scratch , the composition called ” Something against you » (Something Against You – song favorite band Pixes). The band played two concerts under the same name , but on the third time , rejecting fears and prejudices , a jubilant crowd howling on the stage new-old ” Semantic Hallucinations .”

In 1996, young musicians Ural associates founded the first club in Yekaterinburg alternative «J22», which became the home base for creative and ” Semantic hallucinations ” and other groups of founding and launching pad for many Ural teams.
Also in 1996 , the band received its first major tour experience: “SG ” with the Ekaterinburg veterans of the war in Afghanistan hit the 22 -day Peace March for major cities of the European part of Russia.

In summer 1999, the song ” Pink Glasses ” through the air ” Nashe Radio ” and is rapidly taking off up the stairs “Chart dozen “. A year later, the same ” Pink Glasses ” and ” Forever Young ” sounds in the soundtrack of the film ” Brother 2 “.
” Semantic Hallucinations ” participated in the festivals “Invasion », Maxidrom, « Mega -House” , “Wings” , etc. And are the only group that participated in all festivals “Invasion” , as already such a kind of mascot , ” Nashe Radio “.

March 25, 2003 saw the release of the sixth album ” The other side of the Earth.” To commemorate this event, one of the stars in the constellation Lyra was named ” Semantic Hallucinations .”
August 21, 2004 the group was 15 years old . On the anniversary of the release was timed collection of the best songs «66RUS», where, apart from all the hits from the previous three albums, includes previously unreleased songs and specially recorded new versions of famous songs “SG “.
In the same year , September 1 , was the first of the shares ‘ first day of autumn . ” Decided to make a traditional share . In 2004, it was a great acoustic concert featuring Yekaterinburg Municipal Chamber Orchestra «BACH». The action took place in Ekaterinburg KKT “Cosmos” and was filmed entirely broadcaster ” Era TV .”
“SG ” were awarded two “Golden Gramophone” for the song ” Why trample my love ” and ” Mind ever win .” The group was nominated for the National Music Prize “Ovation” as the best rock band in 2004 .

In June 2005, was released on DVD « The first day of autumn ,” where , in addition to the said concert , the group put all the clips and archival materials .

September 1, 2005 in the framework of the ” first day of autumn, ” “SG ” presented yet released while the album ” Big Plans .” Like the previous one, the concert was filmed and will be released soon on DVD.
In December 2005, after a long hiatus , the band released a new album , ” Big Plans .”

In 2005, ” Radio Maximum» recognized the ” Semantic Hallucinations ” band of the year .

In 2006, the group appeared in the arsenal of two more stars: Semantic Hallucinations – Buba the Virgo and Semantic Hallucinations – Feld in the constellation Capricorn .

In April 2008, released a maxi-single ” Goodbye , Mickey Mouse ! “, Which included several songs from the forthcoming album and an exclusive track .

October 1, 2008 , five days before the release, the air of ” Nashe Radio ” held radioprezentatsiya new album ” Hearts and engines .”

September 9, 2009 ( 9/9/9 ), the group celebrated its 20th anniversary in the ” Cultural Center of the Urals” , allowing and even asking the audience to shoot . Concert , including amateur record , will be a new DVD « glitches .” At the same concert , besides great performances birthdays , made ​​famous Ural group : “April March” , ” Samsara “, ” Kurara », Fashion Beat, « ekorshe .” Between their performances , the screen showed congratulations ” that could not come ” – starting with the new composition ” Agatha Christie ” and ending Komolov and Garik Kharlamov . In the leading role was made by Mikhail Kozyrev , including that performed with Buba song “God – Superstar ” , which was a monologue and Sergey ” Russian rock god .”

December 3, 2010 ” Semantic Hallucinations ” reported that started recording a new album with the working title “Made in the dark .” Sergei Bobunets then said : ” The album turns chamber , dark. Not grim , namely dark. Almost all the songs were recorded at night in the office . Of light were only a laptop and a few candles . And this feeling of intimacy , shadows impact on this material. Well, when the concept of the album and its contents are so in tune with each other. He perceived very holistically . ”

In May 2011 the band released the album “Made in the dark .” Two tracks from the album – “The Last Day of the Earth ” and ” Demons ” were filmed . In the autumn of the same year and has developed renewed creative partnership with Chicherin Sergey Bobunets became the producer of her new single “Danger ” and the album “The Tale of happiness” , and the mask Mitenkov participated in the creation of new material. End of 2011 was marked by another single from “dark” album: the song ” immerse” won “Chart dozen” in the “Leader of the charts .”

In 2012 the group took part in the creation of several films . The song ” Demons ” was the title track of the film Alexei Fedorchenko ” Hronoglaz ” and ” immerse” the show sounded Valeria Gai Germanicus ” Short course happy life .” Currently we are working on another soundtrack – music ” Semantic hallucinations ” can be heard in the movie “Territory” . Also in 2012 were published songs such as “Everything will magically ” and a cover of Boris Grebenshikov “I can not take my eyes off you,” written specifically for the anniversary tribute to “Aquarium” . Replenished and discography in April on the shelves of music stores appeared a collection of the best songs released by the “Monolith “, and in early December , the release of the album “Songs for the salvation of the World” , the track list is a group made ​​up yourself. Making this disc consists entirely of images of Constantine Lekomtseva made ​​on iPhone. These pictures took part in various photo exhibitions .

In 2012 was opened in Yekaterinburg Media Lab ” Semantic hallucinations » SGTRK, where the work with various musical projects and writing new songs.

In August 2013 the band played at the forum ” Seliger 2013 ” United Russia .
Today the group has already published 9 albums . The collective is not changed since 2008, when Bobuntsu to Sergei and Konstantin Lekomtseva joined guitarist Eugene Gantimurov (ex- ” Banga Jazz “) , bassist Nikolai Rotov , known to many as an independent artist Nick ROTOFF, and drummer Max Mitenkov – part author and performer of sentimental songs, which can be found in its pages on the Internet , and with some albums and “SG ” and ” Chicherina .” Own modern world system group defines as ” Ural existentialism .”


studio albums

Nicholas Rotov in the ” Semantic hallucinations ” at the festival ” Rock over the Volga ” in 2013

1996 – Separation NOW
1997 – Here and Now
1999 – Acoustic youth
2000 – 3000
2001 – Ice 9
2003 – The other side of the Earth
2005 – Big Plans
2008 – Hearts and engines
2011 – Made in the dark

2000 – Forever Young
2005 – Pole
2008 – Goodbye Mickey Mouse
2012 – Everything will magically
2012 – Demons

live albums
2004 – Invasion Festival
2005 – 15 years. 1 Office Acoustics
2005 – 15 years. 2 part with a chamber orchestra
2008 – Presentation of the album “Hearts and Engines ” to ” Nashe Radio ”
2009 – The ” Air”
2011 – Semantic Hallucinations & Rotoff – Doubles Run
2013 – Invasion

2005 – The first day of autumn (DVD)
2006 – Big Plans (DVD)

2000 – Forever Young ( compilation)
2002 – De Luxe Collection ( compilation)
2002 – All Hits ( compilation)
2004 – 66 rus ( compilation)
2012 – The Best Songs ! ( New Collection ) (Collection)
2012 – The Complete Collection hits ! ( compilation)
2012 – Songs about saving the world


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