Stas Pjeha

Stanislav Pyatrasovich Pjeha (up to 7 years Gerulis ) (born August 13, 1980 , Leningrad) – Russian singer and poet.

Stas Pjeha was born August 13, 1980 , in “Star Family” under the sign of Leo. Everyone knows the name of his legendary grandmother Edita Piekha and mother – Ilona Bronevitskaya . Current spouse mom Yevgeniy Timoshenko – musician, father Stas Petras Gerulis – jazz musician , sister Stas Eric Bystrov – architect, interior designer . Stas grandmother , Edita , lost her father in early childhood, and at the same time gave a promise to name his son Stanislav , in honor of his father , but she had a daughter ( Ilona Bronevitskaya ) and this masculine name was not destined to resound in their family. And so, when a son was born Ilona name Stas finally found its worthy owner.

Stas childhood passed on the road on tour with his grandmother , while his mother worked in a solo career. At 7 years, at the insistence of Edita Piekha Stas started in the Chapel Choir School Leningrad Glinka piano and choral singing and began to wear the name Peha . The fact that the genus because of the war broke Peha , and Edita decided that Stas should revive it . Further musical education Stas received pop-jazz department at the State Music College Gnesins ( which never finished). Was expelled for truancy .

Fond of psychology and bodibildingom.Seychas already actively engaged in sports (only swimming and cycling trips ) . In 2007, together with the legendary artist Edita became persons ” Moscow Jewelry Factory .” Moreover, one of the oldest plants in Russia are not randomly picked the famous family. With her grandmother Edita starred in advertising cough remedies where they performed the famous ” pa-pa -pa – para- pa-pa ” from the song “Wonderful neighbor .” In 2008 and 2009, was co-host Stas Peha program on TNT «Cosmopolitan. The video version . ” Filming a new video for the song “Green whirlpool ” written by poet Mikhail Gutseriev and composer Sergei Revtovym , the singer had to don the diving equipment and dive to a depth of three-meter . On Saturday, October 5, 2013 on the ” Russian Radio ” , the premiere of a new song Stas Peha ” I am with you ” (music T.Leontev , cl . D.Tolstov ) .

“Star Factory”
In 2004 Stas successfully audition and became a member of the First channel of the TV project “Star Factory – 4 .” It is at the “Factory” was recorded his first hit – song ” Star ” written kompozitorViktor Drobysh . Early on in the project , when all participants filled out questionnaires , Stas on the question “Who would you like to sing a duet ? ” Wrote ” with Valerie .” And that his dream has come true – the song ” You’re sad ,” a duet with Valerie was performed at one of the concerts reporting . On “Factory” Stas Peha sang about 20 duets. Thanks to Viktor Stas Drobysh fulfilled dream – he sang with rock legend Ken Hensley legendary rock ballad «July Morning». As a result, competition Stas in the top three winners of ” American Idol – 3″ and a prize was producing a solo album , shot clip and a scooter . In 2008 and 2009, was co-host Stas Peha program on TNT «Cosmopolitan. The video version . ”

In the artistic heritage of the singer 2 album ” Star “, ” other ” , 11 video clips (” Where shall I ,” ” Parting “, ” About You ,” ” Write me “, ” She’s not yours ,” ” On the palm line” “New Year” “I leaf “, ” you and I “, ” We broke up with you ,” ” Old story” ) , and thousands of miles of touring , hundreds of shows , airplay and filming television programs , and millions of letters that became his interview.

” Voice of the Country ”
In May 2011 , he took part in a musical show- project “Voice Kraina ” Ukrainian channel “1 +1” , as a star coach. The project started on May 22 , Stas with Diane Arbenina , Alexander Ponomarev and Ruslana Lyzhychko selected , each to his own team , and 14 participants from the professional singers . “Chips” of the project was itself the selection of participants – “blind” , focusing only on the rumor , as coaches sit in a special chair with his back to the stage. [2]

“Stars of the Opera ”
Immediately after the ” Voices from ” participated in vocal television show , filmed and shown the TV channel ” 1 +1″ . Ukrainian adaptation of the British format «Popstar to Operastar». Partner Stas performed Tamara Smirnova .

“Two Stars ( TV show ) ”
In 2012, Maria Kozhevnikov Stas and took part in the fourth season shou.Prizovyh locations not occupied .

Show ” Our Exit ! ”
That ended the show ” Our Exit ! ” Russia on Channel 1. Thank you all for being with us and supported favorite singing family and their stellar mentors ! Family Filimonov mentor Stas Peha took the second place!

Show ” Hit ”
In September 2013 the first issue of a new yet an unknown show ” Hit ” on Channel 1 Russia . For the first issue hits hunted Stas Peha and Ani Lorak. Stas chose and sang the song ” City Love” , a song chosen Lorak “Soul .” By audience voting on the final held Lorak. Interestingly, the music producer of the show Drobysh declared that Lorak chosen purely masculine song, which was supposed to sing Peha . Nevertheless Stas did not even have a chance to choose the song because Ani Lorak first went into the booth to the author of the song “Soul” and immediately took it for himself. In the final song “Soul” took third place .

February 6, 2012 was officially registered as a trustee candidate for President of the Russian Federation and is the incumbent President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

interesting facts
Stas Peha started smoking at the age of seven , when he first hit the summer camp . Now Artist rid of a bad habit . The singer likes to hear your voice on the radio and watch yourself on TV. According to him , singing and appearance could be better. A young man dreams of creating his own band and play live concerts . Over their own style Stas Peha works himself as he his diploma stylist hairdresser school.


studio albums

” Star ” (2005)
“Otherwise, ” (2008)
“Ten ” ( 2013 )

On account of the singer’s seven statuettes Prize “Golden Gramophone” :
2004 – ” Star ”
2005 – ” You’re sad ” ( a duet with Valery )
2008 – ” She’s not yours ” ( a duet with Grigory Leps )
2009 – ” In the palm of the line ”
2010 – “I am a leaf”
2011 – ” Me and You ” ( a duet with Slava )
2012 – “Old Story”

Is the winner of the festival ” Song of the Year ” :
2005 – ” You’re sad ” ( a duet with Valery )
2007 – ” I’ll give you ”
2008 – ” In the palm of the line “, ” She’s not yours ” ( a duet with Grigory Leps )
2011 – ” Me and You ” ( a duet with Slava )
2012 – “Old Story”

Victory at MTV Russia Music Awards 2005 in the category ” Best Song ” with the song ” You’re sad .”

In 2009, with Stas Grigoriy Leps won the Muz -TV in the category ” Best Duet “.

Twice nominated for RU.TV: in 2011 with the song ” You and I ” as ” Best Duet ” and in 2012 with the song ” We broke up with you ” as ” Best Ringtone “.


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