Vyacheslav Petkun

Vyacheslav B. Petkun ( June 26, 1969 , Leningrad , USSR ) – Russian singer , songwriter , bandleader, ” Dancing Less ” , presenter , actor musical, created by PR agency Vyacheslav Petkuna ( no longer exists).
Vyacheslav Petkun was born June 26, 1969 in Leningrad. As a child engaged in the music school, piano and football school . Professionally stopped playing football for health reasons.
Has incomplete higher education in economics, he studied at the Leningrad Financial – Economic Institute . Voznesensky , Department of ” Public health and human activities .” During the last years began studying music tight .

In 1988 he began rehearsing with the art -rock group ” Case 2 “, but did not catch on in the lineup, and the band members have recommended it to the group ” Secret Ballot “, where he became a singer , and then wrote the music and lyrics in the album ” Who’s there? ” 1989 . In March 1991, performed at the Festival 8 ( decade ) the Leningrad rock club . By the spring of 1992 the band actually broke up and Petkun again began rehearsing with musicians Case 2, which is also experiencing troubled times and almost never spoke . At the same time, Vyacheslav and creates his own group , which initially called simply ” Dance “, engaging in parallel black marketeering . In 1995 , together with bass guitarist Alexander Polevschikova Vyacheslav moved to Moscow and began to seriously engage in his group . At the same time arranged in the club ” 16 tons ” for the post of art director .

During the existence of the group was recorded 5 studio albums ( one of which is the reissue ) , released two compilation of the best songs.

Since the emergence of Moscow Vyacheslav Petkuna name associated with the Moscow club Sixteen tons. Spending a long time art director of the club , recently bears rather representative functions.

In 2002-2003, successfully played the role of Quasimodo in the Russian version of the musical «Notre Dame de Paris», staged at the Operetta Theater .

In 2003 he created a PR agency in its own name , designed to promote artists. Around 2008, the agency was closed.

Also was the leading black and white TV ( on STS channel (2002 – 2003) ) , at the moment is defunct .

Work on television and other media

Constantly invited to talk shows on different channels (recently – dedicated to football , as Vyacheslav – a passionate fan of football club “Zenith” and well versed in football ) .

He is the resident expert of the newspaper Soviet Sport and sports newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets , as well as a frequent guest of radio ” Sports .” C August 14, 2009 to the end of December 2010 is an expert program “Lodge VIP» radio “Sport”.

Work in film

Together with a group of ” Dancing minus” Vyacheslav Petkun starred in the documentary :

” Dancing minus ” (directed by J. Cullen , studio ” Nikola-film “, 2000)

And in art :

“Cinderella in Boots ” (directed by Igor Cullen , studio ” Nikola-film “, 2001)

“Saturday” (dir. Alexander Mindadze , 2011)

Film Music

Vyacheslav Petkun with the band recorded music for the film :


Music group ” Dancing minus ” sounds in the movies:

” Good and bad ”

“Cinderella in Boots”

” Brother 2 ”

“Moscow is not Moscow”


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