100 tickets = FRANKY concert this summer

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Last week a group project FRANKYzapustila (http://start.planeta.ru/campaigns/806) portal planeta.ru. It is a new format of cooperation musicians and their fans. What is the essence?

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A few months before the start of the project, we conducted a survey and found that most concert FRANKY waiting in Moscow. We decided to meet our listeners and to arrange for their private concert. What does the word closed? 1. You can not purchase a ticket to anywhere except on planeta.ru. 2. The concert will only those who support us now. Thus, you become not only a guest, but also an active participant in the events.

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If everything goes well , the next in line could be Peter , Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities from the list.

And now a little math . To concert was held , you need to support the project on planeta.ru and buy a concert ticket , which costs only 400 rubles. For this you will not only get the opportunity to become the organizer of the concert and get to the closed event , but also become one of the first owners of the maxi-single . In addition, we thank each person who helped us in all official community group.

Concert was held to need to have sold only 100 tickets. That’s how much it is necessary that we had the opportunity to host an event at the club 16 tons. Check also already known – July 16. Only 100 people who buy a ticket to the concert , this will make a real concert.

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And try really got something. Besides the presentation of the new single, the band is preparing for future organizers of the concert a lot of surprises: you will have the opportunity to look behind the scenes creative workshop FRANKY, witness the new songs, while the most active – even chat with Dan and Taras personally.

Participate yourself, call your friends, tell me about it wherever you can and then after six weeks your dream becomes a reality

Press Service, “First Music Publishing”

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