November 15 in Crocus City Hall concert Pol’na Eve – “ALL ABOUT ME”


November 15 in Crocus City Hall held a big solo concert of the most enigmatic singer of Russian pop scene – Eva Pol’na . The name of the concert program ” all about me .”

During his creative life , she and her colleague on the project ” Guests from the Future ” Yuri Usachev time to experiment with beautiful house and trance to release nine numbered albums , all of which invariably attended by several ” megahits ” realized not only as a successful singer , but as the author of music and lyrics by an army of fans favorite songs.

In 2009, Eva decided to begin a solo career . Desire to move forward , to create and perform songs that care about what is really important – here is a new strap , a new vector of the singer . She is not afraid to step out of the shadow of bright and sometimes searing spotlight popularity does not seek to be at any cost ” most-most ” among his colleagues , is not afraid of creative experimentation . Stay itself, keep in touch with his inner voice to write still sincere , real songs .

Eve manages to not only lose yourself , but to be born again in a totally feminine and very stylish and up to date music, which more clearly focuses on her beautiful and sensual poetry. Today, listening to her songs and fans club electronics , and enthusiastic young lady , dreaming of love, and experienced music lovers on romantic retro nostalgic .

Eva Pol’na , among other things , beloved heroine generation thirty years , first heard about love Russian music sounding immaculate and modern. It retains continuing charisma and personality to others’ influence and timeless fashion fluctuations . Eva Pol’na – talented girl , passionately in love with music , and music meets her affection .

The program, which will present Eve ” Crocus City Hall ” – ” All About Me ” consists of well-known , favorite songs of the singer. Will feature time-tested hits and new songs , stormed the charts from 2010 to the present day, as well as songs from the new album has not been previously executed. First our colleagues Eve sing songs in their own interpretation .

Eva Pol’na about the upcoming concert : “Unlike acoustic concerts that we performed on theater stages , concert in ” Crocus ” I would call ” electronics played by musicians . ” My Music – I have . This is my perception of the world in which we live. It’s a blessing – an opportunity to share their experiences with others and find an echo in their hearts. For me, this show is not just a collection of old and new songs , it’s my soul that I open his audience ! ”

Tickets can be purchased at no extra charge in the salons of “Euroset ” and ” RedKasse ” — http://redkassa.ru/events/64132-bilety_na_koncert_eva_polna/?utm_source=socsety&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=polna

In RedKasse can purchase electronic tickets , a link to the user guide – http://redkassa.ru/faq/delivery/e_ticket/

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