May 31 at the third international conference «Digital Signage – there is no alternative!” Will be presented with a unique demo area.

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Industry offers new promotional and informational tool – Digital Signage. What are the new chips to “hook” your visitor that will make him buy your goods and use your services is how to get data about visitors and how to create a modern interior in a retail office?logo-III-02


Draw out a lot of new ideas in the demo area of the third international conference «Digital Signage – there is no alternative!”

§  Floor and table dummies digital Casio. Projected onto the figure of a character talks like a living person. People immediately pay attention to him. Mannequin Casio Digital – an innovative and unique way to attract customers.

§  Interactive aerial display Displair make the consumer pay attention to your message! Wow-effect attracts the attention of the target audience, and the system «Air mulri-touch» and unique software solutions allow a person closely in touch with the promoted brand and significantly increase the viewing time of the advertising message.

§  Innovative approach to analytics visitors from the company Quividi. You can register and stay attention of passing people at the window, calculate and analyze models of customer flow, group users by gender and age, to measure the audience of an object or an information tool. In a closed interactive dashboards available a wide range of metrics that are easily configured to suit your needs.

§  Fashion show using 3D mapping on a mannequin. Use dummy fashion show in his shop. Instant change of images without changing and changing makeup.

§  Professional digital video wall monitors and unusual size of LG Electronics, allowing demonstrate high quality content. Today, it’s not a secret that advertising plays static dynamic. Bright content on digital monitors attracts Allows client and convey to him the necessary information.

§  Ultramodern design digital frames Idisplay. With interactive function without it. The ideal solution for creating modern windows, racks and shelves. Innovative merchandising tool – digital frame that tells everything about the product.

This is only part of the set of solutions that will be presented in the demo area of the third international conference. Come and find out about new competitors before marketing solutions!


Conference organizer DigiSky, the event is held with the support of leading European DOOH association OVABEurope (Out-of-homevideoadvertisingbureau).

Among the sponsors of the conference: LG (Platinum Sponsor), Quividi (Platinum Sponsor), Scala (Gold Sponsor), Rivelti groups (Gold Sponsor), Crock (Gold Sponsor), Casio (Silver Sponsor), Adissy (Silver Sponsor).

More information about the event, as well as free registration for the conference are available online http://www.digitalsignagerussia.ru/

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