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March 12 will be a presentation of the new album Alexey Chumakov ” here and there “, dedicated to the birthday of the musician. Alex and his foreign colleagues did a great job and created a product that the sound quality can be compared with the works of Western music .
Alexey Chumakov acts not only as a performer but also the author of music and words and arranger of instrumental compositions.

The album was attended by world-class musicians :
Kevin Wyatt ( bass guitar ), Michael Ripoll ( guitar ), Demarko Johnson ( keyboards ), Brandon Coleman ( keyboards ), Chris Kent ( bass guitar ), working with Stevie Wonder, Babyface, Christina Aguilera, Richie Pena and Lenny Kravitz. And String orchestra “Lege Artis”, Academic Choir “Intrada” and «Nashville Gospel Choir» (Kirk Franklin). Back-up singers : Jason Eskridge, Nikkie, Saaneah Jamison, Kristen Rogers, Shannon Sanders (India Arie Producer), Arina Ritc.

Alexey Chumakov : ” I ​​have always believed in miracles. Seeing their appearance every day, I even notice that at first glance may seem insignificant . So prostoĭ or noncommittal conversation soaked humor and kindness, has led to the fact that you hold in your hands seĭchas moĭ new album . I’m talking about the beginning of our friendship with Richard Pena !
We worked on this album for a long two years. Studiĭ 12 , 15 engineers , more than 30 musicians , 40 singers ( background is vocal choruses ) … If not for Richie unlikely it all happened because people synchronize on different continents is very difficult. We managed it . Besides, I have found a new musical brother ”

Richie Pena : “We met with Alexei in Moscow during a tour with Bebifeĭsom . We talked about music, about life and a lot of laughing. It proved to be really great guy . And when I left Moscow , I said that I would love to hear his music. When he sent me the song , I realized that we must work together. His songs are unique. Russia was very lucky that she has a bright takoĭ artist. I feel that this project is truly amazing , awesome artist, great songs , the best musicians . You can not disagree . Honor for me to produce this project with Alex. ” Richie Pena lives in Nashville (TN), is actively cooperating with Stevie Wonder, Babyface, Chaka Khan, Jordin Sparks and other legendary artists . Producing world-renowned recording artists

Maĭkl Bolton : ” In America we have a slang word badass, it means” chumovoĭ , superskiĭ , neveroyatnyĭ . ” He fenomenalnyĭ vocalist , he potryasayuschiĭ range . We shared with them the vocal roots, and his idol Stevie Wonder is one of mine. For me, a real pleasure to sing with him , and I hope that we have to work together , it can be anything – a joint record , Telephoto , performance ”

A huge number of … ideĭ lyudeĭ and coincided in the same project , and seĭchas I proudly present to you our work. All this is done for you , dear listeners . Perhaps you will like the result , and maybe not, but I can guarantee that after listening to the plate main focus for this you do not feel cheated …

Album is already available on iTunes, the official release will also March 12.

Press Service, ” First Music Publishing “

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