Ani Lorak is releasing a new album “Light the heart”


Music can do anything! Inspire, give hope, decide to let go and enjoy. It carries us through the inevitable flow of time, through good and evil, through the bitterness of parting and eternal love. Music, like love at first sight to the last chord. This love is forever!


September 22 with the support of Russian Radio, television and RU.TV First Music Publishing will be an official release of the new album Ani Lorak – ” Light the heart.”

” Light the Heart” – a new milestone in the life of Ani Lorak , the new jewel in its 20 – year activity . New album combines style European dance music with the best traditions of the world love ballads . Connect contemporary arrangements with guitar and piano compositions lines gives new facet vocal Ani Lorak.

Ani Lorak : “Today I am. I believe in good, believe in love , I’m in the power of magic, which is certainly present in our lives . I am a romantic , because I know that love – is the most powerful energy in the world. I am for all the lonely hearts have found their love . Because it is the love of life helps move in the right direction . I would like people to hear what my soul sings . ”
Ani picked for the new album track that best meet its outlook . Thus was born a gentle “Lullaby” , written in the most beautiful time in the life of Ani – waiting for the child.
Ani Lorak : ” On this album I started working for a long time . Wanted to record the songs as much as possible , then to select the best. In fact , due to the changes in my life – the advent daughter , the album was very special for me . Voice became softer sound , a song filled with even greater meaning, warmth and love . When choosing songs for this album , I would first of all, trust your inner feelings . I really wanted to convey the emotions that I was experiencing . And when listening to music , sent to me by the authors , to seek out those tunes where the beautiful and the right words , songs filled with meaning, which I confess . And at some point , I realized that this is my song . ”

The album includes both brand new songs , and well-known hits of recent years : The Ballad ” Hold me tight ” from the first day to take its rightful place in the air leading radio CIS gained a strong position in the hearts of millions of listeners , and brought Ani third “Golden Gramophone” . In turn, the dance single ” Hold Me ” was awarded ” Song of the Year 2012″, and the video for the Internet viewed by more than 5 million people. The single ” Light the heart ” awarded as the best channel RU.TV dance video .

Ani Lorak : ” Light the heart ” – a message of love . Love , give love , light hearts , share this energy with your loved one . It is this song in my album . ”


Track Listing :

1. Light the heart

2 . Hold me

3 . Orange dreams

4 . Delhi is not love

5 . give my life

6. I’ll be the sun

7. mystery

8. Lucky Star

9. Days without you

10 . My dream

11. for you

12. Hold me tight

13. The first day

14. Call me

Bonus track :

15 Lullaby

Press Service, ” First Music Publishing “

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