Artik ft. Asti will present their debut album

September 11 with the support of radio DFM and karaoke restaurant Dorffman debut album will be a presentation from the talented # RAYODINNADVOIH Artik ft. Asti. It offers surprises and of course beautiful songs included in the album.



Album is already available on iTunes. The record has been so highly anticipated that the artists could not go to meet the numerous requests of fans and opened an early sale . The official release of the album is # rayodinnadvoih held on September 4 at the sign for the community day.

Idea served as the album’s title has become incredibly popular song “Clouds” , to climb the first charts of the country. Self-titled clip collected dizzying views on youtube, having conquered all sincerity , purity of execution, a bit classy and beautiful lyrics.
Only album includes 12 songs , among which occupy a place of honor “Clouds “, ” Sweet Dream “, a duet with Dj Smash « Atom” certainly “My last hope ” and new hits ” Hold Me Tight ” and ” More Than Love ” .
All songs written by Artik, which is also the producer duo Artik ft. Asti.

Recall , Artik ft Asti – a young team that gets the start in 2011, and who has already win an army of fans with his professionalism, beautiful music and relevant and sincere lyrics. Mastermind duo became Artik, a popular songwriter and producer . In his piggy bank at that time already had a lot of real music hits, which he never fails to delight fans and to this day – among the latter , “You are next ” ( Zhanna Friske and Djigan ) , “Let ” ( Julia Savicheva and Djigan ) . With his hits become recognizable Djigan Anna Sedakov Zhenya Milkovsky , DJ Smash, QuestPistols, Omargalieva and many other artists . In your own project Artik ft Asti – Artik with wonderful Asti invests more energy and talent , striking confirmation of this , of course, was their debut album, which you can already add to their playlists on iTunes.

Press Service, “First Music Publishing.”

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