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November 14, the release of a new dance compilation «Best Russian Remixes». The album presents the newest and best remixes from the best local artists, including Dima Bilan and Niusha Vlad Sokolovsky and Glory, Ivan Dorn and “Chi-Li” and many others. Absolutely collection exclusively on the remix track group «Reflex» «Summer at the window.”



Collection available on iTunes link – https://itunes.apple.com/ru/album/best-russian-remixes/id745166573?Uo=4&at=10l7mS&ct=1mp

Track Listing :

01 Reflex – Summer on the window (Remix)

02 Vlad Sokolov – Soul Shards (Remix)

03 Nyusha – Memories (DJ STYLEZZ Remix)

04 Dima Bilan – Catch my colored dreams (DJ Fisun Remix)

05 Chi-Li – Can all (DJ Kirill Clash Radio Remix)

06 T-Killah feat. Lena Katina – I’ll be there (DJ TARANTINO Radio Remix)

07 Ivan Dorn – Curler (Slider and Magnit Remix)

08 Julia Kovalchuk – Push me (Remix)

09 Marseille – This song is for you (Vlad Zhukov Remix)

10 Glory – Shout my soul (Ed Albah Remix)

11 Philip Kirkorov – Fierce Love ( Arthur A’Kim , J. Moss Remix)

12 Sogdiana – Wind catch up (Remix)

13 Denis Klyaver – Your hands (Timosh Remix)

14 A-Sen – Let’s get married (Dj Arseniy & Bit of Sound Remix)

15 Mark Tishman – I’ll be your angel (Remix)

March 16 – Daisies (EVRO Remix)

17 Dmitry Malikov – Radio – fall ( Algorhythm Remix)

18 DJ Nil & Miss N – This World (Extended Club Mix)

Yegor Sesarev 19 – With You (Anton Liss Remix)

20 Franky – Hysteria (Franky Dj’s Remix)

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