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Russian musician Bobina continues fascinating journey through the expanses of the musical universe. Two years ago, he has successfully launched into orbit on the dance your spaceship – album «Rocket Ride», – and today is its sequel, dubbed «Same Difference».


Different sources of inspiration and style , but equally high quality and sublime music . By recording Bobina attracted the best voices trance scene , including : Susana, Betsie Larkin and Ana Criado, a part of the Moldovan our colleagues and loyal friend Andrew Rayel only added a special flavor. With such a stellar team on board an intergalactic mission and retrofuturisticheskaya Bobina again gaining momentum.

«Same Difference» can be called full-fledged sequel «Rocket Ride», well, perhaps, if not to take into account its name – explains the idea of ​​the Russian musician . – In fact it is a completely different material, but live in it the same spirit , and often is the same style, which is the core of the previous long play . In addition , it is the idea of ​​striving for artistic freedom artist, which can be expressed only in one form – one-piece electronic album. My opinion may seem too simple , but it is it is! ”

The title track «Same Difference» and «Sacramentum» absorbed serenity trance Balearic sound echoes , guitar strumming mixed with pouring vocals and meditative synths that combine to resemble a favorite with many «Lamento Sentimental» of «Rocket Ride».

On the other hand , in a totally different dimension send listeners «Quattro 372 » and «Miami Echoes», which clearly hear the influence of the Hausa and occasionally flashed occasional echoes of electricity , while «The Space Track» literally breaks the habitual patterns of sound Bobina and does tilt side tech – trance.

Of course, the strength of the album are vocal compositions , among them «For Who I Am» with Ana Criado, «Play Fire With Fire» Susana and had time to make some much noise «No Substitute For You» with Betsie Larkin. According Bobina, career development singing voice began to play an increasingly important role in his work , inspiring new musical feats no less than a synthesizer .

However, it was not without surprises. First, the track «Basque The Dog», the basis of which was taken to the theme song for the domestic film ” The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Hound of the Baskervilles », Bobina skillfully drew on with the dance floor. Along with two other works , «Diamond Hell» and «Sober Duck», it is referred to the club of the album. Secondly , the foundation «Slow in 2013 ,” recorded with the famous Dutch singer Mariske Hekkenberg, became the text of the songs of Kylie Minogue, which was released ten years ago, in 2003.

The final chord in the same «Same Difference» is a composition «Lovin ‘Lies», which brings the listener to a logical end , speaking coda album. By the way, he will be released by Black Hole Recordings on June 17.

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