Denis Maidan shot clip for the song “48 hours”

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In the first days of summer in all the music channels and the Internet starts a new clip-songwriter Dennis Maidanova the song “48 hours”. On the radio this track has burst into the charts and took the leading position.

By tradition, the clip was filmed in Kiev. At this time , Maidan entrusted Shooting starts but very promising clipmakers team led by a young director Kadim Tarasov.

Usually Denis invents scenarios to its videos (except video for the song “Time – drug” scenario which was proposed member of the group DM “VKontakte” ) . But this time , because of the high employment and training tour for a solo concert in the Kremlin , Maidan decided to trust the professionals . Among the many scenarios that offer leading music video , the choice fell on a creative proposal and promising young Kiev studio ” Chupacabra production».

According Maidanova primarily attracted the attention of the very name of the studio ” Chupacabra ” – this is the original!



” The song” 48 Hours “- says Denis Maidan – a song about love, that at a furious pace of our lives is sometimes only two days a week, and someone in a month or even a year to be alone . But , nevertheless , I do not want to clip the banal kisses, hugs and sex scenes . Kadim , invited me to play the role of peacemaker angel that holds two loving people from the big mistakes in life , from breaking . His proposed scenario was already good on paper , we will collectively ” dokrutili ” and then Kadim perfectly embodied the idea and on the set, as well as efforts when installing and creating graphics studio . Remarkably played their parts in the movie popular actors Leila Memetova Kiev and Alexei Cherevatenko . I am very satisfied with the cooperation . ”

Press Service, “First Music Publishing”.

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