Dima Bilan – new album “Reach”


May 27 with the support of the First Music Publishing Radio and Russian will be an official release of the new, eighth album, Dima Bilan, entitled “Reach.”

Recording this record was a reflection of an important period in the life of the singer: it is there that you will hear all the lyrics artist, in its entirety. Album was written in the key of light sadness for the passing of time, sincere and cordial relations between people.


 Since it was originally conceived – woven of moods, emotions and feelings. Moreover, as the artist, it can be considered final in a series of lyrical images Dima Bilan.

 “Reach” – is 15 songs that were collected and recorded for two years, from fall 2011 to spring 2013. Recording and mixing took place in Moscow. Much of the album together with Produced by music producer Andrei Cherny. He expressed special thanks for their professionalism, quality and the reduction of true friendship!

In this album Bilan continued cooperation with authors, which goes hand in hand for many years – it’s Dennis Kowalski, Glory Lungu, Lara D’Elia and many others …

One can not but express my gratitude Tushnova Veronica and Mark Minkov for eternal song “Do not deny loving”, which takes the artist at each concert and now decided to include in the album. The record also includes two duets: with Yulia Volkova and Nikki Jamal, the CD contains English versions of these songs.

Dima Bilan: “I ​​want to thank all my fans – for the great support. This album is for those who love and believe. It’s for you. ”


Track Listing:

1. Reach

2. wanderer

3. So, it does not happen

4. All accelerated

5. Leavin

6. smiling angel

7. cold lights

8. Female Love (duet with Yu.Volkovoy)

9. Honey

10. Come Into My World (duetsN.Dzhamal)

11. watch

12. Catch my colored dreams (Dj Fisun Remix)

13. Back To Her Future (duetsYu.Volkovoy)

14. Hold me (duet with N.Dzhamal)

15. Do not deny loving


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