Franky group burst onto the Russian scene unexpectedly , with bright and stunning world of alternative drive rapcore . First audience musicians became fans of the popular youth television series ” School Closed ” as the band’s songs have become the official soundtrack of all four seasons of the telenovela .

Franky – a striking mix of recitative and heavy melodic guitars, rap / hip- hop and rock . Curious sound body , which consists of people evaluating music solely by the amount of drive, which it has . All that makes the team – as honestly , efficiently, emotionally.

Recall that a group Franky – a young team , loudly declared itself in 2011 with the launch of a number of television projects. The group – 2 soloist Taras Demchuk and Denis Khrushchev .
Taras – a talented composer and music producer. Songs written by him successfully perform Russian and Ukrainian star very different magnitude. His voice and music can be heard in several top Jingle metropolitan stations ( Europa Plus Radio 7 , etc.) .
Denis – writes the lyrics , not only for the songs Franky, but also for many famous domestic artists. In his spare time he enjoys the rest of the video production .

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