FRANKY group will perform on the same stage with the famous Sunrise Avenue!

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Group FRANKY, blew up the charts with their debut single country Hysteria, was selected well-known Finnish rockers SunriseAvenue in kachestvesupport-act for her concert on April 25 in Moscow!


Musicians noted ” Franks” among many groups that aspired to something to go on stage Izvestia Hall, April 25 , for the freshness , quality sound and a real drive .

“For us it is a great pleasure to meet sSunriseAvenuei speak to their fans – say Dan and Taras , soloists group FRANKY. – Hopefully we will be able to truly ignite the audience! “. For fans themselves FRANKYshou in Proceedings Hallstanet happy opportunity to see your favorite band live . Currently the team is testing the concert program in regional areas and in the near future promises to please fans of a full-fledged solo concert in the capital !

Recall , Sunrise Avenue – Finnish rock band , celebrated last year its tenth anniversary . Style musicians varies from more dynamic rock («Forever Yours») to more melodic ballads («Heal Me»). Their most famous single was the song «Fairytale Gone Bad», which reached the first lines of the charts in several countries and , as a result, has become one of the most recognizable songs.

Press Service, ” First Music Publishing “.

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