Group “Nerves” will present their new album “I’m Alive” on December 1 at Arena Moscow


December 1 at Arena Moscow will host a concert – presentation of the new album ” I’m alive .” Honest and personal release was produced and mixed by the band itself . Lyrics became more meaningful , music tougher. As with everything that makes the group ” I’m alive ” – it is not a product, and the expression of feelings and thoughts .

Nerves – it’s outrageous live performances , from which the audience will hear and not the first sparks of the eye. This group , returning to music drive, and in the modern lyrics – sincerity . Nerves express themselves on stage as honestly , clearly and passionately , giving birth to the time in every desire to live forever . ” Whatever the marketplace and concert format , its meaning remains unchanged : we have so much in life , each of us so much emotion that we can blow up any room DK even in twilight . Neither ballet nor smoke machine set the mood at our concerts , we do it ourselves, sparing no effort ” – Eugene Milkovsky.

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During a concert in Moscow gruppavossozdast the atmosphere, which is not constrained by your freedom – the atmosphere of the street, the conditions will. All performance with his first minutes, would face the fact that you move beyond the walls of Arena Moscow, where it all begins – in the heart of Urbana.

You will shattering spectacle! Fact.


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