Irina Allegrova and Slava shot a video about the first and last love

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Recently in Moscow were shooting the video Irina Allegrova and Slava for the song “First Love – love last.” Videos will be released in early December. In the meantime, his impressions of the video shoot director George shared Toidze and his protagonists – Slava and Irina Allegrova.

” The song , written by Victor Drobysh and Slava, very deep and not the standard for the duo – said Giorgi Toidze . – In her two stories interwoven into one. I would like to emphasize this in the video. Therefore, with Irina and glory we shot separately, and they never crossed into the frame. Our heroine – a very strong woman , whose souls over the years as it grows armor. They are difficult to hurt , but it is difficult to move . They may not want to be so strong, but so did their lives. Such modern Joan of Arc in medieval armor … ”



Shooting the video for Slava “First Love – love last” were in some sense symbolic : ” For the filming site was chosen , having a special meaning for me . In the ” Central House of railway children ” 12 years ago my first shot for the song ” I love and hate .” I’m sure that ‘s a good sign .

For me to sing with Irina – a great honor. I could not even dream about it. Especially because this is another song I wrote in collaboration with my friend and producer Viktor Drobysh . He composed the beautiful music and the text. And I could not finish half the remaining words . But by the summer it finally happened . Then negotiations began with Irina .

That swinging clip , the idea is very interesting. I would even say that the extreme . Plan of the director , founded in the images of two militant women somehow special reveals the meaning of the song. When Ghosh offered us a screen version of the song , we did not hesitate to agree . It is close to us in spirit , I hope that everyone will enjoy . ”

Was satisfied with the work done and Irina Allegrova : ” It was very interesting to work on this song and video . For me, ” duets ” – a selective history . And the number of artists with whom I , as they say now , Kaifu sing a duet, not great. I think Slava – one of the very few young singers in our entertainment business , which is close to me on his serve , strength, power. So I gladly agreed to work together. In my opinion , it was very interesting . ”

Press Service, ” First Music Publishing “

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