Kishe presented his video for the song Hello Russian public

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The popular Ukrainian show-man and artist Kishe presented a clip on his single «Hello». The plot of the video based on the history of the femme fatale, transmitted in an unexpected style. Kishe acted as writer and decided to risk it, swinging along with the company «Chupacabra» and director Dmitry Tarasov, the famous “Black Square”.


And in the video is not just a meaningful gloomy canvas and game highlights, shadow play, emotions and shades, beautiful and graceful dancers body plastic, transmitting every word of every song and mood thread. Performed this work of the finalists of the 4th season of the project “Everybody Dance” and awards “Everybody: Battle seasons” – Vasily Kozar and Kate Belyavskaya (dance theater KDT).

The director of the clip – Kadim Tarasov and operator Dmitry Savinov Kishe helped make it work fine and deep, what you can see for yourself:

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