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Nowadays, mobile content has become an integral part of any modern human life , and the music it plays a key role .

First Music Publishing in 2004 one of the first proposed the use of music as an additional service in mobile networks (then it was only about ringtones ), but in those years the operators rather skeptical of our proposals . However, the time to dot the «i» and now our music is used in virtually all mobile networks in our country , and we are the largest supplier of multimedia content used in mobile networks .

Main but not the only channel for mobile content delivery are mobile network operators , mobile content can also be found in special jukeboxes or buy a phone with pre-installed music. Jukeboxes selling mobile content , set in the most crowded places, such as in the salons of “Euroset” , major shopping centers. However, one should always remember that any use of intellectual property , is only possible when receiving the relevant authorization, license agreement .

Receipt of a license

When contacting us for a license to mobile content must complete the attached application form, send it to the department of digital distribution , as well as provide information on the alleged grounds of sharing – WEB or WAP-sites , channels IVR or USSD.

Content provider is obliged to provide on-line access to the statistics subscribers downloaded works and phonograms in the form of mobile content.

Please note that the standard license agreement involves paid by the subscriber distribution of mobile content. Remuneration for the use of works and phonograms usually calculated as a percentage , based on the selling price of the unit content to the subscriber , excluding VAT. This does not apply to promotions and pre- finished content in digital devices .

On licensing agreements , please contact the Department of Digital Distribution.

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