Licensing music for remixes and processing

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Under processing commonly understood alteration (conversion) work, such as writing a new text , often radically different from the original , or modification of the product , which allows its use in other conditions, such as creating a new arrangement with the change of rhythm and harmonic structure , creating remixes , etc. .

In accordance with Article 1260 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation to the author of a Derivative work ( processing arrangements , etc.) is copyright of the original work undertaken processing . But we must note that by processing the composite work or exercise its copyright provided that the rights of authors of works used to create derivative works , or composite .



From a legal standpoint processing domestic or foreign products do not have any differences, but in terms of procedural they are different.

Often activities to create derivative works – search for new forms of known content , and there is often need to have more flexibility in dealing with both the authors of the original work , and western owners. Our staff in this case often act as agents who find common interests of all members of the creative process : the original authors and ” processors “.

On obtaining a permit for processing works relating to the catalog of foreign works , contact the Office of the Foreign repertoire.
On obtaining a permit for processing works relating to the Russian catalog of works please contact the Licensing Division of the Russian repertoire.

Important to know!

  1. Almost always, the author of the original work wants to get acquainted with the processing, so it is necessary to prepare the material processing, if it is a translation of the text – line translation of the original text.
  2. The author of the original work may express their wishes or remarks, and the processor must be ready to listen to them, discuss, accept. The author can not agree that it is generally refining his work. Then we can talk about a new product and register it as a new, and not derived object of copyright.
  3. If original work created in collaboration, it is necessary to get permission from all authors.
  4. If material is used in the preparation of the original soundtrack, which is processed, you must obtain authorization from the right holder on the track.
  5. Permission for processing can not be obtained. There are works of authors (heirs) which do not give permission for processing, as an example, the works of Elvis Presley performing heritage.
  6. Recycling works in most cases free. On the cost of processing a significant influence fame works: what it is known, the cost of the permit for processing more expensive. You also need to be prepared for the fact that the author of a Derivative work is not allocated in proportion receiving income from the use of the intellectual property rights or share will be very small.
  7. Obtaining a permit can take a long period of time, especially if the foreign product is processed.

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