Music licensing for media release

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For reproduction and distribution of musical works on any type of media, whether it is CD, DVD, CD-MP3, or in the form of printed materials (hereinafter referred to any kind of media – mechanical media), you must obtain a permit (license) from the owner (s) of rights to all works that will be used on a carrier.



License cost impact:

– Media Type

– Circulation

– Purpose of the publication (standard project recording or “special project” for example, promodisk, application to another product, etc.).

– Territory

– Term of license

The cost of royalties for the use of musical works on the carrier can be varied, and is calculated by one of two schemes:

1.Fiksirovannaya price for the product.

2. Royalties (royalties from each sold media).

Important to know!

When exceeding the circulation or desire to continue the spread of the reproduced circulation at the end of the contract ( license) Licensee shall obtain a new permit or stop reproduction and distribution of works . In the case of non-compliance with these requirements, the circulation becomes counterfeit.

Agreement applies only to the use of works in their original form , on which the permit to their promulgation .

If the user intends to obtain authorization to use the work in processed form ( remix new arrangement or a new version) , then getting this right is not subject to the license terms for mechanical drives. You first need to get permission for processing work that is made by a separate agreement (see Licensing music for remixes and processing) or to provide previously obtained such permission .

To obtain a license for the works of the directory publishing, contact the Office mechanical recording.

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