Licensing of music in film


Music in the movie plays a key role, often by adding titles tunes we have in the beginning of the film make the assumption, whether to watch a movie.

Music is a kind of another participant in the film industry, along with the actors. It helps convey the mood, nature scenes, to make it more volume, brighter and more beautiful. Therefore, any director who wants to make his film a masterpiece, always pays much attention to the selection of music for the scenes.

We help create a unique atmosphere in your movie!

Employees of the department of Film and Television willing to give you advice on any question of the use of music as part of audiovisual works.

After receipt of the request by phone or e-mail Department staff analyzed the application and start working on the following three schemes:



Work under the agency scheme

In case you need a particular product, and not replacement or pick up, or the director does not intend to change the selected song / songs formed a list of required and they are not included in our catalog, then we can act as Agent and help you get a license to use the selected work, thereby helping you to save your precious time.



In case you do not have clear requirements for the works , but there is a need to produce a background clearance telecine transfer or the best option is to use a special music library. In this case, we are ready to offer sound design for the library , the famous Russian popular songs , which has about 500 songs , in this case, the customer is able to choose a product that cleaned on Copyright and Related Rights , ie as soon as possible to get the license agreement for the appropriate use of the compositions .

For all questions, please contact Film and Television

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