Licensing music in advertising

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Music and advertising concepts are inseparable . Music plays one of the most important values. Also, the music affects the emotions , can lift your spirits , and hence the movie , followed by a melody, please even the most fastidious and critical consumer.

We are easy to remember and sing along with the melody , when we hear it without thinking about the true purpose of the composition. A defined purpose – affect our desire to buy the advertised product or service.

We are ready to give you advice on any matter the use of music as a part of the audio / video infomercial .

After receipt of the request by phone or e-mail Department staff analyzed the application and start working on the following schemes:



For effective interaction since first contact with us is specially designed simplified customer profile, after receiving answers to simple questions which it is easier to offer musical materials for the campaign and determine the license fee for the rights granted.

The cost of using music in advertising will depend only upon receipt of detailed information on the advertising campaign (completed questionnaire) .


Must take into account factors that ultimately will affect the cost:

– The selected track ,

– Product category brand

– How to use ,

– The territory which will be an advertising campaign

– Terms of Use

On licensing foreign products contact the Department of foreign repertoire .

On licensing of works of Russian repertoire contact the Division of the Russian repertoire.

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