The best cases in the field of audio branding 2013


Audio Branding Academy announced a preliminary list of companies nominees for best project in the field of audio branding.
Of the many projects submitted Audio Branding Academy , was selected ten candidates for the title “Best Project ” in the field of audio branding. Among them are such big brands like Nokia, Peugeot, the Russian railway company Aeroexpress , German Chocolate Factory Ritter Sport, a French logistics company GEFCO. Fifth awarding ceremony of the best project in the field of audio branding will take place within the Audio Branding Congress November 28, 2013 , in Moscow, at the Higher School of Economics ( St. Shabolovka , 26 ) .

Detailed description of the selected projects , as well as their audio clips, can be found at www.audio-branding-award.com

At the next stage, an independent jury will select six of the ten candidates the most interesting projects . Finalists will be announced on September 25 , and they will present their cases at the Moscow Audio Branding Congress. The climax of the Congress will be the Awards Ceremony – the jury will announce the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners. A special award will be the ” Audience Award” , it will get the project with the highest number of votes from members of Congress .

” We are shocked by the diversity and international projects sent to us this year. Practice the best cases confirms that audio branding – it’s more than just audio logo in television advertising , “- says Cornelius Ringe , Senior Partner Audio Branding Academy.

Among the key speeches at the Congress this year, the presentation of companies Sound Cloud ( Germany) and the joint report from the companies O’STIN ( Russia ) and DigiSky ( Russia ) .

On the specifics of the audio branding industry in Russia tell Elena Lebedeva (O’STIN) and Vladimir Kozlov (DigiSky). Vladimir Kozlov illuminate general facts state audio branding industry in Russia . Talk about the features of this direction in Russia , and the state of the industry that is waiting for her in the future.
Elena Lebedeva present attitude to audio branding by the customer : the customer understands that the term audio branding, what problems he wants to solve by using this tool , which is awaiting the results .

Mark Dyuings , Head of brand communications SoundCloud, talk about the growing importance of sound to web- resources and mark the emerging trends . Dyuings also demonstrate how in the integrated communication concept brands can share with potential customers music and sounds in social networks.

This year the Audio Branding Congress moderator become a British expert in the field of sound Julian Treasure . He also led the conference in Oxford in 2012 . Mr. Treasure is one of the few speakers who have four performances at ted.com

About the Congress :
After previous events held in Hamburg, New York and Oxford, it was decided to Audio Branding Congress in Moscow in the building of the University Higher School of Economics , located at ul. Shabolovka , 26 . Audio Branding Academy (Hamburg ) is organizing the event in partnership with the Russian company DigiSky ( leader in audio processing in the territory of the Russian Federation) , the State University – Higher School of Economics (Moscow) and the Humboldt University of Berlin (Berlin). The main sponsor of the Congress – National Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The main activity of WIPO – collecting fees from users of music and their distribution in favor of performers and phonogram producers in the Russian Federation .

Audio Branding Congress slogan – “The possibilities of sound.” It’s about the new possibilities of use of sound and silence in brand communications, as well as promising conditions for business development in the Russian market .

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