Maxim Averin and Laura Quint present a joint “theatrical” album “Ellipsis …”

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December 3 , an official release of their debut album Maxim Averin and Laura Quint ” Ellipsis … “.

Songs recorded theater actors , always stood apart from any whatsoever newfangled trends. Musical heritage Mark Bernes , Andrei Mironov and Nikolai Karachentsov – truly a cultural phenomenon , a valuable and expensive for millions of people . These great masters never allowed themselves to be exchanged for “empty” second-rate music and texts . Dramatic artists of the highest level has a large number of colors in his voice and special soulfulness , experiencing what they sang . They took the soul once and for all!


Maxim Averin – the best traditions laid vsenarodnolyubimymi these artists ! For his versatile talent for outdoor children’s soul, dedicated to fanaticism , love for his profession , his theater audience loves , adores movies and television audience of all ages!

Laura Quint – composer – actor, she is reincarnated in the music , like the artist , easily juggling patterns. That’s why her songs are especially in demand artists of theater and cinema , as well as those pop stars who have acting talent .

Maxim Averin and Laura Quint: “We would like very much to our listener immersed in an atmosphere of theater – where it is possible to move in space and in time , changing the city and the country , to experience what is not able to experience in real life , to rise above the ground and bustle everyday ! Music Theatre – a special musical world where every song – a little performance . We would very much like to see every student found in our album “their” song . And – most importantly, no matter how varied the mask in this performance , you are sure to feel the soul of this music and this artist! We believe: Music can do wonders for all of us ! “.

The album contains 14 great songs. Here and traditional Russian romance and life-affirming song on poems by Robert Rozhdestvensky, and the lyrics of the Maxima , and medieval poetry, and style of the French chanson , and even sensual tango. Also to the creation of the album had a hand in the famous songwriters Nikolay Denisov, Nikolai Zinoviev , Olga Klimenkova itself Laura Quint wrote several poems . ” Dots … ” – a real gift to all whose hearts are set to accord with perfect!

The album is available on iTunes — https://itunes.apple.com/ru/album/mnogotocie…/id741317997?uo=4&at=10l7mS&ct=1mp


And Google Play — https://play.google.com/store/search?q=максим%20аверин&c=music&hl=ru


Track Listing:
1. Hello, Artist!
2. white piano
3. princess
4. Mopsik
5. theatrical Novel
6. puppeteer
7. garnet Bracelet
8. Zatseluyu, zarevnuet, zalyublyu!
9. life
10. Boom-boom
11. madam
12. Tango number 1 «Amor, Amor!»
13. Tango number 2 «Nena»
14. Ellipsis …

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