Mark Tishman March 8 will love!


Social networks now doing real miracles. Mark Tishman recently received a message in PM . The guy wrote him that accidentally hurt his girlfriend and was very upset about this. She did not want him nor hear nor see. Apology not accepted , the receiver did not take . Quarrel threatened to grow into parting , and then he decided to go for broke : “Mark, my friends and I decided to shoot a movie about us Alena . When she saw him , make sure you all understand and forgive me .

She loves your song ” bright flame .” You could not play in this movie ? “. Egor said while clutching at the last straw , but his choice was not simple.

This is one of the first songs Mark Tishman , which he performed for the first time many years ago, even at the “Factory” . But Mark thought , why not help love and gave his consent. He understood , as it is sometimes difficult to reconcile himself once found himself in a situation where important was any help .

Yegor asked his friend – a young director Denis Feryabnikova – remove this video and that literally lights up the story about the red-haired girl who warmed their hearts warm Kaya , but she turned into a piece of ice . The main character quickly found in the net , hanging announcement that for the filming really need red-haired girl . Video shot on the street in one of the lanes on the China-town . Mark sang a few hours in the frost , and someone joked that the title of ” the last romantic ” in February exactly belongs only to him.

All the footage is stored Denis Feryabnikova which prepares it for the premiere of the first spectator and shows so far no one , and shared with us just a few frames. In the first spring holiday on March 8 on his page on social networks girl Alena is sure to find your favorite video on the song ” bright flame ” that Mark Tishman sang just for her. And if our heroes will reconcile , their friends will make sure that this unusual movie saw everyone .


Press Service, ” First Music Publishing “

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