“Municipal Fresh» TOP hit the albums iTunes!

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Musical collection channel ” Muz-TV ” entitled ” Municipal Fresh» just 5 days since the release hit the 12th best album of iTunes. ” Municipal Fresh» albums overtook Adele, Zemfira , Grigory Leps , Stas Mikhailov , ” Basta », Depeche Mode, a collection of songs “Eurovision – 2013 ” and other iconic artists.

” Municipal Fresh» – joint album channel ” Muz-TV ” and ” First Music Publishing .” The most life-affirming record this spring will delight listeners hot hits and an absolute novelty . Album title song became the anthem of the music channel – ” Muz-TV with you !” Niusha Eva Pol’na , Vlad Sokolov , Ivan Dorn , Victor Belan , Glory and other show business stars provide a good mood for the year ahead .

Collection ” MUZ Fresh» available now on iTunes:


Hooray solar and fresh music!

Press Service, “First Music Publishing”.

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