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April 21 will be an official launch of a joint album MUZ-TV and First Music Publishing – “Municipal Fresh». This record is going to be the most life-affirming, in a series of releases of spring. It includes the hottest hits and absolute novelty – so that the portion of fresh quality music you provided!


Since you will : Niusha Eva Pol’na , Vlad Sokolov , Ivan Dorn , Victor Belan , a group of Franky, Artik ft. Asti, T-Killah, Glory , Alexey Chumakov , Denis Klyaver , Laurita , etc.

Album title song became the anthem of the music channel – ” Muz-TV with you!”

Dance music fans will enjoy new items from Nyushi with the song “Alone “, Vlad Sokolovsky – “La -la-la », Artik ft Asti (« Sweet Dream “) and T-Killah ft. Lena Katina – “I ‘ll be there .” Interesting discovery will be performed by a stunning drive song of Franky [ Franks ] «Hysteria». Real music lovers will love the hits from Eve Pol’na , Viti Béland , Alexey Chumakov and of course Ivan Dorn .

On display iTunes album will be available in early April for pre-order. The official digital release is scheduled for April 22.


Track Listing:

All Star “Muz-TV with you”

  • Nyusha “Alone”
  • Artik ft Asti «Sweet Dream”
  • Eva Pol’na “The whole world in the palm of my”
  • Ivan Dorn “Curler» Slider Magnit Remix
  • 23-45 “My Love”
  • Vlad Sokolovsky “La-la-la”
  • Glory, “Tell me, Mom”
  • Victor Belan «Fairy World»
  • Franky «Hysteria»
  • T-Killah ft. Lena Katina “I’ll be there”
  • Denis Klyaver “do not like it”
  • Yegor Sesarev “Gromchemuzyka”
  • Laurita “Yes”
  • Alexey Chumakov “Happiness”

Press Service, “First Music Publishing”

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