Musical weekend in Vegas. October 19 Natalie Podolskaya presents his new album in Vegas

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SEC Vegas October 19, with the support of the First Musical Publishing invites all music lovers to the opening of dazzling musical weekend in Vegas. In 15 hours GMT, weekend open Natalie Podolsky, which will meet his fans at the autograph session to celebrate the release of her new album “Intuition”. It offers an unforgettable performance of the singer and personal autographs on the disk!


Album “Intuition” – a landmark for the Podolsk . This new stage is not only creative , but also in the personal life of the singer .

The album was recorded in a mixed style – he combines the pop music and pop-rock , and of course the magnificent lyrical ballads. The album turned out extremely versatile that identifies the record of a number of other albums . In the track list includes 14 songs , each of which – a separate story : “Intuition “, ” Kisslorod “, “Winter “, “Day went out again “, ” Firebird” , “New World ” and other songs have caught the fancy of many listeners .

Natalie Podolsky :

“Dear friends , this is my second album . He is very dear to me , because its creation took a long eight years , and every song in it – it’s another story , stage of my life . I love these songs , because they are very different , but very close to me . Most of all I would like to see you liked them . During those years , when creating an album in my life took a big change . I became much happier , because we love and love . With my husband , Vladimir Presnyakov , we recorded a lot of new songs , some of which you will hear in this album. My large family left for the world we now live on different continents. I really miss , and so some of the songs from this album, I sing for my sisters , brother and mother, who so far . I made new friends – musicians, I learned a lot and continue step by step on the path of creativity. I worked a lot and do not intend to stay .

But this album would not have happened if I had not met all the people with which we created it.

Thanks to Victor Drobysh , E. Alba, M. Mshenskomu , Loginov , O. Averin , E. Solodovnikov , S. Aristov , A. Bartz , Isaev, MIT and personally Maxim Dmitriev , and my wonderful husband , sisters, brother , mom , and many others ! ”

Album “Intuition” is available on iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/ru/album/intuicia/id699527524?uo=4&at=10l7mS&ct=podolskaya

Track Listing :

1. intuition
2 . Kisslorod
3 . winter
4 . forgive
5 . Let them say
6. heart
7. Firebird
8. Day went out again
9. one
10 . Love is a drug
11. Right to Happiness
12. pride
13. rain
14. new world

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