New album: Denis Klyaver – Not like everybody


On April 9, the shelves will be the first solo album by Dennis Klyaver. Work is a welcome and very sincere. Artist making records for almost two years, dedicating it to his father.
Many of the tracks included in the album, and has already caught the fancy of the listener warmly supported by Russian Radio.

Very soon you will be able to estimate the plate and share their impressions of the debut album by Dennis Klyaver “Not like the others.” Moreover, that on April 15 the album will appear on iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/ru/album/ne-takaa-kak-vse/id629958267.

Denis Klyaver :
” The first solo album ….
It’s a conversation with the audience one by one. Each song is like a little life. Emotions that I just need to share with you ! Certainly, it is a reflection of my soul. And , oddly enough , it’s a new beginning !
Thank you for being with me !
I dedicate this album to my family and the person who is no longer there, but he is always in my heart – my dad . And to all those who supported me and watching my work !
I want to thank separately :
Russian radio – Sergey Kozhevnikov and Roman Emelyanov, Autoradio – Yuri Kostin and Renata Idiautillina , Channel and Yuri Aksyutov , Ru.TV – Mikhail Bogomolov , Rusong – Gelu Gogokhiya , First Music Publishing – Maxim Dmitriev and Andrew Khaustov I. Zudina , A . Sviridov , Zvyagina . “


Track Listing: 

1.Do not like the others
2.Bez you
3.Davay talk
4.Ulybka (ft. Batista)
Colonel 6.Stary
7.Tvoi hands
9.Ty one
11.Otboy (ft. Eva Pol’na)

Press Service, “First Music Publishing”

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