January 29, 2013 an official release of the long-awaited album “Dedication to Micah ,” dedicated to the anniversary concert “10 years of memory Micah “, held on November 1 in Moscow with the participation of the First Musical Publishing companies and “Your Concert .”

Collection supported by many . The official media partner of the plate became radio RU.FM.

Last year, 10 years old, as Micah is gone. On this occasion, the organizers prepared a big tribute concert , which was attended by those who were lucky enough to be familiar and to work with the musician , and those who are inspired by songs Micah after his death .

For their bright creative way Micah managed to release one album , which included a truly popular hits : ” Amores Perros ,” ” So clean “, ” Mama “, ” Return “, ” Crying for you », «Favourite Colour», « Worthy “” on the Waves “and others – they all sounded the stage performance on November 1 at the musician’s friends and colleagues around the stage , those who care about the art of Micah .

These compositions have entered into a unique album – “Dedication to Micah .”

Specifically for this collection and in memory of the legendary lead singer of ” Micah and Jumanji ” their cover versions of songs presented Micah : Christmas tree , Eve Pol’na , Boombox , Band’Eros , Caste , Ivan Dorn , VIA Chappa, Basta , Pizza , Sergei Galanin Dasha Suvorov , Inna Steele , Nanik and DJ LA.

Track Listing :

Yeah – Cat ( meaning simple )
Eva Pol’na – Fish
Boombox – For you
Pizza – Favourite Colour Of My Life
Dasha Suvorov – Crying for you
Sergei Galanin – We are the children of the big city
Ivan Dorn – So clean ( Let’s go )
DJ LA – Mom Vol. 2 Remix
Tree – Amores Perros
Nanik – Worthy
Steele Inna – Love remains
Cast – Return
VIA Chappa – On the Waves
Basta – Mama
Press Service, ” First Music Publishing “

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