PREMIER SONGS! Dominik Joker – “Breathe You”


Dominic Joker single ” Breathe You” – a gift to all who ever won the song ” If you’re with me .”
With each new creation Dominik Joker more open, like a deep , ripe and fine sense of the author and composer , who is able not only to distinguish between shades of emotions and feelings , but also transfer them to your notes and harmonies .
” Breathe You” co-written with one of the most powerful composers melodist our country Uslanovym Vadim , who made ​​a music producer of the song.

This composition that close and clear , probably every person on earth – the story about when empty and aimless existence becomes real life and finds meaning through love .

Work on the track was conducted very carefully and took a lot of time . As a result , fans of the artist will be able to listen to my new favorite song ” Breathe You” in two versions – the original ballad tempo and more , dance (by Michael Yousher).


Link official channel YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3kyguOAlQw

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