Tell me, my mother – a new clip from FAME Valeria Gai Germanicus


February 26 – 27 in Moscow were shooting the video for the singer of Fame on her new hit , “Tell me , Mama” (music Drobyshev words Slanevskaya A. , V. Drobysh ) .
This is not the first joint work of authorship and singer Victor Drobysha Fame (previously co-authored by them were recorded “Loneliness bastard ” and «Sex is not love .”)

Film song ” Tell me , mother ,” it was decided under the guidance of director Valeria Gai Germanicus (” Short course happy life “, ” school “, ” Everybody Dies But Me ,” ” Yes and yes ,” etc.) . It was she who , in the opinion of the singer and her producer, could convey the social background of the song and the video show in history , familiar to many people.


photographer – Egor Gavrilenko

“When we thought about Victor Drobysh scenarios clip and its director , I immediately decided that it would be Gaius Germanicus . Lera takes very good pictures and everyday life , and I hope that we end up with an interesting story. It will be a mini movie with a plot, unfortunately, familiar to many women in our country. Story of a single mother living in a residential area , raising a daughter , to solve life problems and seeking banal female happiness . We all hyperbolizing in the video , but still trying to do everything very realistic. Of course , this story is intertwined with a bit of my own , however , in part , that and my return to the past . I believe that in my life I did everything right . My heroine is looking for himself , struggling with himself , with obstacles that come across her path . Will the output it or not, you can already see in the video , which premiered planned right on the eve of World Women’s Day on March 8 , “- says Slava.

Valeria Gai Germanicus invited for the filming of the video film and theater actors . Alya Nikulin (mother of the heroine ) and Anna saliva ( girlfriend ) already had experience with the director in the project ” Short course happy life .” Userdin Alexander , who played her lover , met with the director and singer in the casting to one of the movies Gai Germanicus .

New clip of Fame can be called cinematic : cinematic script , cine director , and almost the entire composition of the crew had experience in film . With the debut of ” in the movie ” You can congratulate the singer’s niece – Varvara Lomakin , who bravely withstood a long and protracted process of filming, overcome sleep and played the role of the heroine’s daughter perfectly .

Press Service, ” First Music Publishing “

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