Sunny clip from Ani Lorak – Orange dreams

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Long-awaited summer is knocking at the door , painting with bright colors of the city , illuminating sunlight streets and windows of houses , anticipating sunny and hot season. A time when only about the warm sand , blue sea and the scorching sun.

There comes a carefree time , which gives a positive mood , emotion and fireworks only love ! All this is in a new Ani Lorak for the song ” Orange dreams .” Brimming with unlimited happiness , love, and drunk hot dancing at the sea until the morning – this summer single will be welcome dance floors and inspiration loving hearts .
Ani Lorak : The song ” Orange Dreams” – is 100% summer mood . It as a welcome breath of fresh air after a long winter. Listening to her , immersed in the joyful period , filled with light , positive and happiness.

Plot for this year and was a foretaste of the solar video lounge, dancing at the sea and romantic . Suitcase mood and urban bustle absorbed heroine and she is sent to a warmer climate …

Ani Lorak : I really wanted to make this video was filled with bright colors : sun, sea and good humor. To do this, we chose one of the most picturesque places in Italy – Forte Village Resort, located on the south of the island of Sardinia. It was here, in his colorful corners on the beach we shot this video . The idea of ​​the video is simple: funny , independent and very positive girl going out to the sea and enjoy life . I want this song to my heart filled with love and light viewers . All the creative team worked hard to convey the idea of the song and the video do the same carefree and cheerful. I’m sure that this story will give the viewer a new experience , and only positive emotions.

Simon Gorov (director of the video clip ) : When Caroline and her professional team offered to cooperate , I saw that the singer is in fine creative form . I heard the song : summer , frank , funny and romantic story script was born about summer, about summer novels about the sea, about love. We spent unforgettable days of intense filming in Italy, on the island of Sardinia. I hope everyone will enjoy this work !

Clip you can see now – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Yjm9HlIaJo

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