Third International Conference «Digital Signage – there is no alternative!”

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May 31, 2013 at the Radisson Slavyanskaya, Moscow will host the third international conference «DigitalSignage-there is no alternative!”. Conference organizer DigiSky – a leading company providing turnkey solutions “turnkey” in the field of Digital Signage. This year for the first time the conference is held with the support of leading European DOOHassotsiatsii OVABEurope (Out-of-homevideoadvertisingbureau).


Conference «DigitalSignage – there is no alternative ” – is an independent platform for networking industry experts DOOH (Digitalout-of-home) and end-user systems DigitalSignage. To participate in the conference are invited top managers , marketing and sales managers in companies B2B and B2C markets. Representatives of such areas as retail chains , banks, fitness clubs, shopping malls , fast-food, airports, hotels and other sectors of the market.

The third consecutive year the conference «DigitalSignage- there is no alternative ! ” Answers questions from different vertical markets associated with the use of digital signage in the business today . This year we will talk about why this is a new DigitalSignage- effective marketing tool , which screens hang in the point of sale and why it is profitable to use professional equipment , how to interact with the customer through interactive displays and get data about visitors , the opportunities to increase the sales offer augmented reality and NFC; how to use digital media to create a modern room design , which content will attract the attention of visitors , what to expect from the industry in the future. On these and many other questions will be Russian and foreign industry experts Digitalout-of-home.

Special guests of the International Conference:

  • Florian Rothberg, the Executive Director of a leading European consulting company Invidisconsulting and General Secretary of the European Association OVAV
  • Grigory Rabinovich, Marketing Manager Subway
  • Narozhnaya Olga, Marketing Communications Director Colin’s
  • Dyuizabo Olivier, CEO of a leading company in the field of video analytics visitors Quividi

Particularly noteworthy is the demo zone conference , which will feature the latest news from the industry DigitalSignage. Digital mannequins , designer digital frames , video walls, video analytics visitors – it is only part of what you will see in the demo area of ​​the third international conference «DigitalSignage – there is no alternative ! “.

In 2012 and 2011, the conference was attended by representatives of large companies such as Sberbank, MEGA , OBI, IKEA , Bank of Moscow , Coca-Cola, Selgros Cash & Carry, City Fitness, Orange fitness, Colin’s, Melon Fashion group, Lukoil, Rosinter Aeroexpress , Megafon, Chocolate , Children’s World and many others.

Among the sponsors of the conference : LGi Quividi (Platinum Sponsors) , Kroc Rivelti groups and Scala (Gold Sponsors) , Casioi Adissy (Silver Sponsor).

More information about the event , as well as free registration for the conference are available online http://www.digitalsignagerussia.ru/

About DigiSky

The leading company providing turnkey solutions “turnkey” in Digital Signage, audio processing and audio branding on the territory of Russia and CIS countries. The company provides a full range of media services for different groups of customers in industries such as retail, fitness industry , the financial sector , HoReCA etc. Among the clients : METRO CC, OBI, Castorama, IKEA, Real, Mega, Sberbank , Selgros CC, Bean Bank, Okay , Dream House, Strata Partners , Enka TC and many others.

Company site www.digisky.ru

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