Vlad Sokolov: 2 mood – 2 songs


February 18 , an official release of two new songs Vlad Sokolovsky – ” Following the winds ” and ” New Day .” Such a real gift for fans of the singer gave Valentine’s day , personally congratulated them in their twitter @ vladsokolovsky.

After retiring from the producers of a young pop singer and dancer Vlad Sokolovsky is not in place and continues to amaze his fans . The artist decided to not just make admirers of his work output of the highly anticipated new song , and threw them in amazement , suddenly laying on its official website two new track is diverse : slow lyrical ” Following the winds ” and dance “New Day” .

” And why not? – Commented on his unusual decision as Vlad Sokolovsky . – My fans are divided into those who love the lyrics , and those who love dance tracks . I wanted to show that I can be different – choose someone that is more to your liking. Especially since I’m waiting for someone too long , and now do what , in my opinion, more please my audience. ”

Music for both singles were written by Vlad , which was particularly valuable for those fans who have long awaited artist from his original songs . The latter, in turn, are a continuation of cooperation with the poet Vlad Sokolovsky Alevtina Nazarova .

Tracks can now be heard on the official site of Vlad Sokolovsky vladsokolovsky.com, as well as download in comfort on the page artist in iTunes.

Press Service, ” First Music Publishing “

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