Vlad Sokolovsky took a new clip


April 1 popular young musician, dancer and just darling girls Vlad Sokolov presented his new music video , shot on the new song “La -la-la .”
The female lead in the video played popular Russian actress – Christine Asmus . Plot of the video is simple : the hero Vlad meets a beautiful girl and begins to stalk her . Clip abounds professional dance performances and just uplifting !

Filming took place in Moscow in the shopping center “Vegas” in strict secrecy . Director and operator of the video was a talented young graduate of the Institute of Cinematography , Ivan Lebedev (operator series “University” ) . Responsible for the production of the clip command Hype Production, c where Vlad was already working on the music video ” The world has gone mad.”

For fans of the artist is not only a new video , but the song itself came as a surprise . Just six weeks ago Vlad presented to the fans of their two new versatile track : lyric ” After the winds ” and dance “New Day” , giving fans the right to speculate on what these same two songs artist will remove the clip. However, Vlad and his team decided to rely entirely on a different track .

The music to the song “La la la ” is Vlad himself . He also co-wrote the words with Alevtina Nazarova , which worked on the previous tracks.
The clip you can already see all the music channels and on the official website of Vlad Sokolovsky on YouTube.

Press Service, ” First Music Publishing “.

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