Vlad Sokolovsky released a new single to promote the album

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August 14 Vlad Sokolovsky author releases a new song called “Soul Shards.”


This song was written in 2009 by Vlad , even during his work in the popular duet encore. But now it was decided to release ” Soul Shards ” as a separate single .

” I postponed this composition was even a time when the thought had never been released. But apparently all the time , and now , 4 years after the writing of this song ever reflects my attitude , “- says Vlad .

Previously performed the song several times Vlad on his solo concerts , so devoted fans of the actor she has always been known and loved by them warmly .

“In this fall I have much more interesting for the fans cooked ” – shared artist. – But the main thing – it’s the release of my first solo album , in support of which we are releasing the single ” Soul Shards .” Now underway is preparing to shoot the video for this song . ”

The track “Soul Shards” is available for streaming on our website: Влад Соколовский — Осколки души


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