Vladimir Kuzmin produces a third of the Quadrilogy

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Vladimir Kuzmin continues to surprise fans. September 10 will drive number 3 of the quadruple album “Endorphin”, which will be called “interferon” and consist of 12 new original compositions.


What does interferon to human health , anyone can find in the encyclopedia . But Vladimir Kuzmin encyclopedia writes . He writes music for his own poems . He expresses what he feels and feels what others can not express . ” Interferon ” sobering tones , calls for fresh air – shoot on a motorcycle into the wind with outspread arms and hair fluttering in the wind .

“Interferon” – drive for your motorcycle . Or car , if you want to understand what the rider feels on the road adjacent to your car .
“Interferon” – immunomodulator for fans seething blood eternally young rock ‘n ‘ roll.
Vladimir Kuzmin:
“My heavy bike uplifting! .. ”

Album is already available in iTunes.

Track Listing:
01. I am for the blues
02. Rock Skokie
03. real jazz
04. Country Road
05. unequal game
06. a happy song
07. My heavy bike
08. Zero
09. My baby
10. Blues in my heart
11. Country blues
12. I’ll be back

Press Service, “First Music Publishing”

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