Selected the best projects in the field of audio branding


Announced six finalists from the four countries for the best project in the field of audio branding in 2013 . The international jury selected : Emporia / Sweden , Iguatemi / Brazil , MetrôRio / Brazil , Peugeot / France , RitterSport / Germany , as well as a project of the German Agency nhbcorporatesound, until the customer is kept secret . All of these projects in the field of audio branding will be presented to the independent international jury of the 5th Audio Branding Congress on November 28 in Moscow in the building of the Higher School of Economics ( St. Shabolovka , 26 ) .

Detailed description of the projects can be found at www.audio-branding-award.com

Emporia / Agency : RadjaAB, Sweden

Develop a comprehensive strategy for sound mall premium Emporiav Malmo . As musical accompaniment at the mall used the sounds of nature , relaxing music and audio elements of the brand . The Agency has developed the concept of the internal radio that allows the TC Emporia interact with their visitors .

Iguatemi / Agency : B Sound Thinking, Brazil

Advanced audio analysis and development of sound concepts for Iguatemi mall in Sao Paulo .

MetrôRio / Agency : ZannaSound, Brazil

Audio branding project for the metro in Rio de Janeiro, including various sound elements of the brand and the corresponding unique voice for announcements . At stations as sound design used birds voices and musical instruments typical of Rio.

Peugeot / Agency : SixièmeSon, France

Developing musical brand identity , and its subsequent implementation in all points of contact with the outside world . Modern and quite extraordinary interpretation of brand value brand Peugeot: relevance , attractiveness , dynamism , modernity and emotional experience .

RitterSport / Agency : iV2, Germany / USA

On the 100th anniversary of chocolate manufacturer decided to complement its branded identity full-fledged sound concept. It is based on the melody of six notes . Moreover, the agency has developed extensive sound library of sounds recorded in the studio of a natural product – breakable and nibbles hundreds of chocolate bars .

Project implemented agency nhbcorporatesound, Germany

Information about the project are still confidential , since its release is scheduled for autumn 2013

Doctor Cornelius Ringe , Senior Partner Audio Branding Academy , appreciated the originality and professionalism of the selected projects . “We are pleased that we were able to determine the finalists. The jury this year showed a surprisingly high unanimity in the selection of projects “, – said the jury’s decision , Mr. Ring.

November 28, 2013 at the Audio Branding Congress jury will announce the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners. Visitors Congress will choose a project in the ” Audience Award” .

One of the key speeches of the Congress – ” Before you press ‘Play’: Audio branding in Russia. ” On the specifics of the audio branding industry in Russia tell Elena Lebedeva (O’STIN) and Vladimir Kozlov (DigiSky). Vladimir Kozlov illuminate general facts state audio branding industry in Russia . Talk about the features of this direction in Russia , and the state of the industry that is waiting for her in the future. Elena Lebedeva present attitude to audio branding by the customer : the customer understands that the term audio branding, what problems he wants to solve by using this tool , which is awaiting the results .

Investigation of the sound on the Internet , ” Audio branding on the Internet : An Empirical Study for the company Dräger», present consulting group in audio from Hamburg. The main objective of speech – to evaluate the effect of the use of music on the sites , how it affects the user behavior and brand perception .

In the area of ​​scientific posters Audio Branding Congress will present three works on Audio branding. More information can be found at http://audio-branding-academy.org/aba/congress/call-for-papers-2013-2/

On the Audio Branding Congress :

After previous events held in Hamburg, New York and Oxford, it was decided to Audio Branding Congress in Moscow in the building of the University Higher School of Economics , located at ul. Shabolovka , 26 . Audio Branding Academy (Hamburg ) is organizing the event in partnership with the Russian company DigiSky ( leader in audio processing in the territory of the Russian Federation) , the State University – Higher School of Economics (Moscow) and the Humboldt University of Berlin (Berlin). The main sponsor of the Congress – National Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The main activity of WIPO – collecting fees from users of music , their distribution in favor of performers and phonogram producers in the Russian Federation .

Audio Branding Congress slogan – “The possibilities of sound.” It’s about the new possibilities of use of sound and silence in brand communications, as well as promising conditions for business development in the Russian market .


Press Service, ” First Music Publishing “

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