Andrew Grizzlies – Wash her ​​cheating (PREMERA!)

The ocean is a destructive force , washing away the city on its way and tightening ships in the dark depths . And the next morning , as if nothing had happened to his lungs waves plays sun, he is kind and calm. It reminds us of ourselves, is not it? History of the song , it really lived the story … music video of her mystical impersonation.

The video was filmed in the Olympic city – Sochi. Heroine played nor any model or actress , and Dr. Alexander orthodontist , had just completed his residency . The song was written by Lubasha , mom Andrew five years ago, while Andrew recently stumbled upon it, and not revived in a new sound of their arrangements.

www.vk.com / grizz_lee

Director: Alexander Chuhnenko
Operator: Konstantin Silakov
Author: Ljubasha
Arranged by: Andrew Grizzlies
Reduction : Dmitry Pereskokov (Papa music)

© 2013 First Music Publishing

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