Special Projects

Special Projects

Special Projects

The concept of each of the special project is absolutely unique and the list of the instruments is almost endless. The basic tools that can be used in your advertising campaigns with the participation of artists and musical content of the First music are:

Digital projects

Image banner campaign, games, interactive services, contests, tests, promo videos, online conversations with the artist, social networks integration, creation of promo-sites and any activities on the Internet.

BTL projects

Press conferences, presentations, exhibitions, promo-actions, the opening of stores, the release of a new collection, contests and other.


We offer sponsorship in release of album of artists, autograph sessions, press conferences, concert tours.

Brand integration in the video clips of the artists (product placement)

Or creating your own video for product placement and its promotion in the Internet and on musical channels.

Release of branded albums with various compilations selected specifically for the advertising campaign

Using music from our catalogue in your TV-commercials

For all questions please contact:

Yana Ponomarenko



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